Aokiji’s bounty after leaving the Navy!

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Aokiji being an admiral, he had access to highly classified information and the Z movie showed how dangerous this information could be in the hands of an outlaw. Dyna Stones are just one of them but Aokiji knows more…

Aokiji simply resigned from the Marinesmeaning his head could not be put on a bounty, but he allied himself with the pirate Blackbeardwhich means that the world government couldn’t let the things it knows fall into the wrong hands, and that his head would be put at a price.

Bounties are based on how dangerous you are. Aokiji hasn’t done anything yet, but the information he has is highly classified and he needs to be captured as soon as possible. The possible bounty would be well over 1 billion berriesbecause nobody is stupid enough to attack a former admiral for 100 million, it’s not worth it!

His real motivation after his resignation from the Marines

Aokiji’s plan wouldn’t be to escape the Marines or become a notorious pirate, his plan would be to overthrow Akainu since his Absolute Justice policy is something that would lead the Marines down the wrong path. And Aokiji was a passionate marine who believed in what was right, unlike Akainu and his ruthless attitude.

Aokiji vs Akainu

Akainu didn’t let Aokiji go free after the fight. We think the fight ended with Akainu couldn’t get out and neither could Aokiji, but Akainu was declared the winner because after 10 days he was the strongest, but if Akainu were to kill his comrade, he would be considered a murderer and his position would be compromised.

Aokiji could only do this if Akainu was knocked down, dead, or demoted (the Marineford arc proved it was impossible to do any of those things). Aokiji is therefore convinced that Luffy will fight Akainu in the future and that this will result in the death or demotion of the Akainu. And the Gorosei won’t allow anyone of Akainu’s level to be defeated.which would weaken the Navy and require a new Fleet Admiral.

How will Aokiji reclaim his place in the Marines?

He is currently an ally of the Blackbeard Pirates, which means he knows a lot about the crew. Aokiji will therefore help Luffy in his fight against Blackbeard on the only condition that he can deliver Blackbeard’s pirates to the Gorosei, which will allow him to regain his original position as the new Admiral of the fleet.

Future role in the Navy after becoming Admiral of the Fleet

Aokiji would therefore find himself in the same position as Akainu, that is, he would have to answer directly to the Gorosei.

An agreement with the revolutionaries

He is now allied with the pirate Blackbeard, but he could have convinced Dragon to overthrow the World Government once he becomes Fleet Admiral. As soon as Dragon acts, the World Government will have the Marines protect them, but now the command is in the hands of Aokiji, who has the option to refuse the direct order, leaving the World Government helpless and at the mercy. revolutionaries.