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Arcane, series inspired by the universe of League of Legends, has been a success among fans of the popular Riot Games video game, but it has also impacted the general viewer of geek culture, who has encountered interesting characters such as Jinx, who is now brought into the anime world as Dragon Ball, Naruto Y One Piece thanks to an extraordinary fanart.

The artist known on Instagram as A2T will Draw is already recognized among the fandom for carrying out this type of work where he adapts certain characters to different popular works of Japanese animation, however, the most recent one has attracted powerfully attention because it is really about a series and protagonist that is totally inspired by a video game, in this case, Jinx from the acclaimed LoL.

As we can see below, the artist drew the deranged and beautiful Zaun holster with the style of animation with which we see her in Arcane, but also, with that of 7 other anime series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure Y Attack on Titan, in a more than outstanding work that we present below:

Imagen: A2T will Draw / Instagram

On the other hand, the artist also decided to leave his own version of Jinx, who has undoubtedly become one of the most prominent characters of 2021, since his adventure in Arcane together with his sister Vii, he has captivated a large number of followers around the world.

It is also worth saying that it is very interesting to see Jinx with styles from different anime, because it gives us a more than general idea of ​​how the character would have looked if a style closer to Japanese animation had been chosen.

What did you think of this fanart de de Jinx de Arcane with the style of different anime?

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