Are you looking for a weekend plan? The Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop arrives in CDMX from December 3 to 18

After the success in 2021, the Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop return once more to CDMXto the joy of all the fans of dragonballOne Piece, Naruto and other anime series.

Well, Mexico will be the only country in Latin America that will have the Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop, so fans will be able to buy the most coveted collectibles from their favorite series.

To warm up the engines, the people of Tamashii Nations and Animexico Distributorthey released a promotional video where you can see all the information about it.

Also, if you are interested in going to the Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop in CDMX, below we will expand the details of the store, such as its opening date, hours and figures that they will sell.

When does the Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop open in CDMX?

The Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop will be open from December 3 to 18, 2022 with hours from 11:30 am to 19:30 pm every day.

After the aforementioned date, the store will be permanently withdrawn, or until the brand decides to bring it back to our country.

There will be no exceptions or extensions; If you don’t go on the mentioned days, you will not have another opportunity to get your collectibles from various animes.

Sailor Moon Figures (Tamashii Nations)

Where will the Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop be?

The Tamashii Nations Pop-up Shop will be located at: Aristóteles 123 top floor, corner of Avenida Presidente Masaryk, in polanco.

To mention that access to the store will be limited to avoid crowds; on average people will have between 40 to 45 minutes to do their shopping and leave.

For this reason, access lines will be made on the outskirts of the Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop. We recommend fans arrive early so they don’t have to wait too long.

Finally, no photos or video will be allowed inside the Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop.

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Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop (Distributor Animexico)

What will the Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop have?

The Tamashii Nations Pop Up Shop will have products from dragonball, Knights of the ZodiacNaruto, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and Marvel among others.

There will also be an exhibition of the brand’s favorite lines, which can be seen by all the fans who come to the place.

To point out that the inventory is limited and the same pieces will not always be sold; There may be variations from day to day, and even the most requested ones run out.

On Saturday the 17th, a limited number of products from the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 and limited to 1 purchase per customer. Exclusive right-to-purchase tickets will be distributed starting at 10:00 AM that day.

You can pay in cash or by credit card.

goku figure

goku figure (Tamashii Nations/Bandai-Namco)