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As usually happens after a revelation, there are hundreds of reactions around the new actors that will join the live action of one piece, and among them a very particular topic arose around McKinley Belcher III, actor of African descent chosen to play the merman Arlong.

This story arises during a conversation on Twitter where several users consider this election “racist” and which is only intended to fill a political agenda in the next Netflix and Tomorrow Studios production. The message says:

“My friend… you realize that you were simply given the role of a fish-man… Merfolk in the OP universe are abused by humans and often enslaved… You are literally being used and you should talk to your casting agent ….”

The race of newts one piece It has a history on which themes of racism and degradation revolve, so it was clear that the choice of an actor of African descent playing a merman with these characteristics would raise controversy.

However, the American actor left a solemn response in the Twitter conversation while explaining his point of view about the character of one piece and the impact it can cause while interpreting it.

“You are right in the first part, Arlong has experienced a lot of mistreatment and abuse. But I’m grateful to be able to play a character with that kind of depth, it means I’m in a unique position to do something meaningful while playing a badass character who won’t let men decide his fate.”

Behind his appearance, Arlong is a very interesting character in the series | Photo: Toei Animation

McKinley Belcher IIIknown for his role as Anthony Carter in The Passage (2019) and Trevor Evans in Ozarks (2017-2022).

With information from: Twitter


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