Artist imagines what Chopper would look like in live action One Piece

One Piece has a lot in its franchise right now and the platform of Netflix He racked up extras when he updated fans on his live action project.

To the extent that anime is approaching its 1000th episode, fans are gearing up for an epic event of the Straw Hat Pirates, and Netflix gets to work on its own programa live action.

After all, the service announced its cast for the live-action series, and now an artwork is going viral for its version of Tony Tony Chopper. The piece is courtesy of a fan and artist on Twitter. It was there that the user made a demo of Chopper for the Netflix live-action series One Piece.

What does Chopper look like in Netflix’s live action?

This is what Chopper’s fan art looks like live action version

Twitter user Sidmurphyx seems to have used Detective Pikachu’s Pikachu as a template, and the end results are very adorable. So if Netflix wants to do the right thing for fans, they better have this fan art handy.

The anime fandom was quick to raise the fan-art, and the stars of the Netflix show even showed up. Emily Rudd, the cast star to play Nami, shared the concept art with the following caption:

“I will protect him with my life without exaggeration”

When will One Piece live action come out on Netflix?

At this point, the live action has no release info available. The Reindeer Chopper may not appear in the first season. The only protagonists who have been chosen are Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and Nami.

Other crew members like Robin, Franky, Brook, and Chopper have yet to appear. But if the live-action series makes it to Chopper’s debut, fans can only hope it looks as cute as Sidmurphyx’s fan-art!

Of course, fans aren’t surprised to see Chopper held back on this casting wave. The first season can only cover a limited amount of content, and Luffy will be recruiting several shipmates at that time.

After bringing Sanji on board, Chopper will be the next to recruit, so fans can expect the doctor to show up if season two gets the green light. Finally, The Truth News reminds you that Iñaki Godoy is the Mexican actor who will star in the adaptation of One Piece on Netflix.

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