Artist transforms One Piece into Attack on Titan titans

The Straw Hat Pirates currently have their hands full, like the anime adaptation of One Piece reaching its 1000th episode. Luffy and his team took on the giant threat of Kaido and his Beast Pirates, but an artist has given the protagonists of Grand Line a look like Titans from the dark history of Attack on Titan.

With the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin Scheduled to arrive in January next year, some major revelations and casualties are expected to culminate the war between the Marleyians and the Eldians.

While Attack on Titan is scheduled to end next year, and the manga ended earlier this year, Luffy’s ending is another matter. Since Eiichiro Oda reveals that One Piece is in the final stage, but it is still approximately five years old.

Art of Straw Hat Pirates as Titans

Photo: Reddit David Fueleki

Reddit artist David Fueleki, shared these awesome fusion pieces in which Luffy, Nico Robin, Enel and Sanji receive the power of the Shifting Titans, which would surely give them a major upgrade that they could desperately use in their current fight against Kaido and his forces in the War for Wano.

While most of the Straw Hats do not have the ability to transform into actual giants, Nico Robin proved that he can unleash a power that is undoubtedly capable of rivaling that of the Titans in his Demon Fleur.

Using it to defeat Black Maria during their head-to-head battle at the Beast Pirates headquarters, it appears that Robin might have won the battle, but now he will have to worry about the government’s Cipher Pol shooting it.

With the arco de War For Wano As one of the greatest battles, the Straw Hats, thankfully, have not experienced heavy casualties in their battle to free the isolated nation from the iron clutches of both Kaido and the little Shogun known as Orochi.

What is the best place to see One Piece?

The best place to see One Piece in a cool way it is Crunchyroll. However, the Toei Animation show also has several episodes available on Netflix. The Truth News reminds you, that the manga is in publication and fans can read it for free (last 3 chapters released) in MANGA More.

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