AT THE MOVIE THEATER. “One Piece Film – Red”, planetary manga phenomenon and sensory experience

Uta and Luffy, the two main characters of this animated film by Goro Taniguchi. (©O/2022 OP)

Imagine: almost half a billion copies sold since the first publication in 1997. Adapted in series, the manga now has more than 1000 episodes since its first broadcast in 1999. 80 countries in the world have “One Piece” addicts and 15 feature films have come out of it! What make you dizzy, right?

Become the Pirate King

We won’t venture to go into the details of a saga with a thousand characters, simply tell you that the main hero is a young boy, Luffy, whose ambition is to become the king of the pirates. One Piece is the ultimate treasure that every buccaneer in the world dreams of. A detail: Luffy bit into a fruit that made him…elastic.

A singer as the main character

Of course, “One Piece Film – Red”, under threat, if not going to the stake, has Luffy as its hero, but for once he is not the main character. This is a young girl, Uta, singer by profession, but whose voice has strange and dangerous powers. Very famous but having never performed in public, Uta decided to take this step and give her first recital. Luffy and his crew swore to attend.

The myth of the star… and influencers

However, Uta would be the daughter of Shanks le Roux, one of the four emperors of filibuster and mentor in piracy of Luffy. Will the famous pirate run into his padawan again (sorry for “Star Wars” fans) when attending his daughter’s concert? Just one more piece of information: the voice and the sung texts of this young diva have the power to charm the public… Does she represent a danger for the powerful in place? In hollow, we hold here the myth of the star and that, more recent, of the influencers.

A mind-blowing sensory experience

To see in VO even if the flow of the subtitles puts your eyes to the test. The animation is superb, very colorful, imaginative, sometimes a strobe nothing but it is the genre that imposes such a rhythm. If you’re not a fan of the saga, maybe you’ll have trouble capturing the permanent winks that punctuate almost every shot.

But no matter, this animated film by Goro Taniguchi is also a literally mind-blowing sensory experience that is worth the trip.

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