Attack On Titan: 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat (& 5 He Couldn’t)

Bertholdt was the first user of the Colossal and one of the strongest characters in the world. universe ofAttack On Titan. Standing at an incredible sixty meters tall, he was powerful enough to wipe out just about anything with a single kick, as demonstrated when Shiganshina’s walls collapsed.

Despite the enormity of his strength, Bertholdt was far from invincible. When faced with a diverse roster of characters de One Piece, we can better understand how well his power translates between universes and whether or not he was a worthy user of the power of the Colossal on behalf of the Marley state.

10 COULD BEAT: Bertholdt is significantly bigger and stronger than oars

When under the direct control of Gecko Moria, Oars was a formidable opponent. He was strong enough to crush the sides of castles and reasonably agile for possessing Luffy’s shadow. He could even contort and stretch his limbs more than should be possible, like the Gum-Gum devil fruit.

However, Oars’ body does not share Luffy’s resistance to physical attacks, and is significantly smaller than Bertholdt. Consequently, the Colossal could pulverize it with a single attack, just like it did with Eren.

9 WOULD LOSE WITH: Pica is even bigger than Bertholdt and much more durable1628175213 370 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

Pica is one of the few characters taller than Bertholdt under the right circumstances. With no apparent limit to what his devil fruit can absorb, the pirate has the potential to grow so large that he could fit an entire house on a single finger.

Even if Bertholdt succeeds in destroying her body with the Colossal’s first detonation, Pica could simply relocate her consciousness to another rock before reforming. Its stony exterior would also provide it with a natural defense against the seething steam of its Titan opponent.

8 COULD WIN: Buggy the Clown’s Devil Fruit does not protect him from forceful attacks or heat1628175213 321 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

Buggy the Clown’s Chop-Chop fruit is remarkably versatile, allowing it to survive against such strong opponents as Mihawk. However, the nature of Bertholdt’s abilities counteracts it almost perfectly.

Not only would Buggy be completely vulnerable to the heat of the Colossal’s initial blast, but his body can also be crushed into pulp, although he can separate it into slices. Although it is possible that the pirate could fly towards the neck of Bertholdt in a counterattack attempt, he lacks the physical strength necessary to withstand the steam emitted by the Colossal’s back.

7 WOULD LOSE TO: Bertholdt has no means to touch Eneru1628175215 151 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

As a Logia user, Eneru’s unique physiology makes it as dangerous as it is impossible for Bertholdt to harm him. At the elemental level, the Colossal’s seething steam would have no effect against the raw, concentrated lightning.

Meanwhile, Eneru is more than capable of taking down his towering foe. He can create a column of lightning large enough to disintegrate the ground to hundreds of meters, employing the technique he used to nearly eliminate the Straw Hats in order to incinerate the Colossal.

6 COULD WIN: Usopp is ill-equipped to slow down Bertholdt1628175216 163 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

While Usopp’s precision as a sniper suggests that he might have some success hitting Bertholdt’s eyes or neck, he still lacks the firepower to defeat him. Most of its Green Star ammo would be useless against the Colossal, as it could incinerate it before impact.

Despite Usopp’s decent stamina shown in his battle against Chew, his speed leaves a lot to be desired. As a result, he wouldn’t even be able to protect himself from being caught by Bertholdt’s initial transformative blast and would be burned to ashes as a result.

5 WOULD LOSE TO: Zoro has taken down giants and balances speed with power1628175217 672 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

Zoro would make an excellent match for Bertholdt due to his natural speed, stamina, and strength. He was powerful enough to pierce Pica over and over again despite the villain’s mountain-sized stone body and acted with similar aptitude against Oars in Thriller Bark.

Quick enough to leave images of himself and skilled enough to take on two CP9 agents simultaneously (who in turn could move like a blur), Zoro would tear Bertholdt in half before he had enough time to turn.

4 COULD WIN: Broggy’s weapons can’t make up for his diminutive stature1628175217 120 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

Broggy was a giant with a bounty of a hundred million berries. As a warrior of Elbaf, he fought his rival for more than a century, giving him a significant experience advantage over Bertholdt.

However, the giant is only twenty-one meters tall, that is, barely a third the size of the Colossal. Therefore, his crude and broken weaponry would not save him when Bertholdt plunges his foot into his chest and breaks every bone in his body in one fell swoop.

3 WOULD LOSE FOR: Akainui could disintegrate entire armies with his lava1628175218 745 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

Akainu could launch devastating ranged lava attacks, as seen during the Battle of Marineford. He possessed such offensive strength that he seriously wounded Whitebeard, who used to be considered the strongest pirate in the world, and killed Ace with a single punch.

Even if Bertholdt somehow managed to survive his initial volcanic attack, he has no way of retaliating. Since Akainu dominates a Logia fruit, attempting to defeat it with physical attacks is extremely dangerous and practically impossible.

2 COULD WIN: Machvise’s usual plummet strategy would not work against Bertholdt’s steam1628175218 882 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

Machvise’s Devil Fruit strategy was extremely simple. He soared into the sky before gaining weight and using his body as a blunt instrument against anyone unlucky enough to find themselves below him.

However, this tactic was not only ineffective against Hajrudin, a giant barely a third the size of Bertholdt, but the Colossal Titan can also emit boiling steam from its body. Consequently, Machvise would be incinerated immediately after his first collision and could not attempt another. Furthermore, Bertholdt could simply avoid his clumsy attacks entirely by remaining in human form and cutting him off with ODM weaponry.

1 WOULD LOSE BY: Kuma can teleport across the battlefield and take Bertholdt down with a compressed attack1628175219 829 Attack On Titan 5 One Piece Characters Bertholdt Could Defeat.webp

Although Bertholdt could still maintain a strength and durability advantage over Kuma, the Warmaster’s other tricks would guarantee his victory. Not only was Kuma fast enough to teleport across the battlefield in the blink of an eye, making it impossible for Bertholdt to hit him, but he also managed to resist Sanji and Zoro’s combined attacks.

By concentrating pressure on the palm of his hand, Kuma has demonstrated his ability to take down giants in one hit, as demonstrated by his victory over Oars Jr. It follows that since the Colossal cannot touch or anticipate him, Bertholdt would be defeated with similar ease.