Attack on Titan, Chainsaw Man and One Piece, we reveal the most viewed anime videos on Youtube in 2022.

The year 2022 was rich in successful anime. Between One Piece, The attack of the Titans, demon slayer, Spy X Family, My Hero Academiathe return of Bleachand at the end of the year the cardboard of chain saw man, anime fans were served. Between trailers and opening, we look at which videos have been the most viewed on Youtube. Without surprise, The attack of the Titans and chain saw man explode the ranking.

#10. One Piece Movie Red, trailer

Number of views: 10 million

The last movie One Piece with Shanks and Uta narrowly enters this top 10. The legendary manga that breaks all records does not need more anyway, since its fame is already made.

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#9. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc, trailer

Number of views: 11 million

Long-awaited trailer for the next arc of Demon Slayerwith an animation always on top and an arc that promises maximum Enbu.

#8. Spy X Family, part 2, opening

Number of views: 13 million

The game is a hit (I’ll spoil the rest of the ranking for you a bit, but too bad), so it’s logical that this opening part 2 follows in the footsteps of its big brother. An opening that we appreciate playing on our own birthday.

#7. Ya Boy Kongming!, opening movie

Number of views: 13 million

Ya Boy Kongmin! is certainly not well known to the general public, because it simply does not yet exist in France. Nevertheless, his opening met with great success in Japan and exceeded 10 million views. Ya Boy Kongmin! tells the story of a great military strategist who is reincarnated in our time and takes under his wing a young singer whose talent he perceives. Alas, video sharing is blocked, so we put you the link here so that you can check this magnificent and very dancing opening.

#6. Spy X Family, opening

Number of views: 14 million

Hop there, Spy X Family signs its second video in the top 10. At the same time, the anime is of very good quality and easy to watch. This opening, taking up the characteristics of a good old spy series, deserves to be listened to every morning, in order to wake up in the best conditions.

#5. Chainsaw Man, ending 3

Number of views: 15 million

I warn you: from this fifth place until the first, there are only two animes left. This ending of the third episode offers two completely different atmospheres. We advise you to play this ending at a wedding, in order to make grandpa and grandma dance as they fall asleep.

#4. Chainsaw Man, trailer

Number of views: 15 million

The double for chain saw man who comes to place his incredible trailer at the foot of the podium. Just watch it and head over to Crunchyroll to catch all of Season 1, which ends this Tuesday, December 27.

#3. attack on titan, final season part 2 ending

Number of views: 19 million

A little sad moment ouin-ouin with the ending of part 2 of the final season of The attack of the Titans. Beautiful images, a beautiful voice, and an Eren Jäger who is heading calmly towards the end of Humanity.

#2. Chainsaw Man, opening

Number of views: 54 million

Like Mbappé in the World Cup final, chain saw man triple the bet. With 54 million views, this first opening ranks second in our ranking. But as the views were reached in just two months, we suspect that the video will go first soon. At the same time with Kickback of Kenshi Yonezu in the ears and multiple references to cinema classics, this credits is a real gem. A sound to pass during the baptism of your grand-niece.

#1. attack on titan, final season part 2 opening

Number of views: 57 million

This opening full of promise made us all shiver from the beginning of the year 2022. Even if every fan was disappointed that part 2 was not finally the final part (and that we will have to expect a final season- final in 2023), we must admit that Rumbling is a stratospheric banger. This is clearly the song to blow up in heavy speakers at the funeral of a loved one.