Attic Player Reveals What He Dislikes About One Piece

On the occasion of a live on his Twitch channel, and subsequently shared by the YouTube channel micro – clips, the Attic Player gave his opinion the manga One Pieceand it reveals some small black spots of Eiichirō Oda’s work.

A figure from the geek universe

Le Joueur du Grenier is a veritable video game bible on its own. More commonly known as JDG, Frédéric Molas grew up with the first game consoles and the first anime broadcast on French channels. A background that he shares through his YouTube videos that he has been editing for 12 years now with his Tests du Grenier.

Always tinged with a good dose of humor, these are a real hit with each publication on his channel. For example, his most popular gaming video Harry Potter peaks at 17 million views. If humor is largely in order, his criticisms are precise and the research work is substantial. Thus, each of his opinions is taken very seriously by the YouTube community. His opinion on disney’s removal of dwarfs had thus been widely shared.

His opinion on One Piece

Latest, his special issue on films stamped Resident Evil, whose inconsistencies he raises is to be seen. Le Joueur du Grenier also appears regularly on his Twitch channel. On the occasion of a recent live, he discussed with his community around mangas, and took the opportunity to give his opinion on One Piecethe manga by master Eiichirō Oda.

If he does not criticize mangaka Eiichirō Oda’s work as a whole, JDG finds that since the Fishman Island story arc, the manga has become more “clutter“:

Starting with the Pisces-Man arc, which is super boring, I find the manga has gotten more messy. This is where it starts to get too many characters and flashbacks.

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He does not hesitate to compare the line of the drawing to that of Berserk, although he was unaware of the work of Kentarō Miura. He also cites dragonball, which he finds purified: “In Dragon Ball, you don’t need to read the page 4 times to understand the scene. The battles are clear and legible.” Here is the excerpt below posted by the micro – clips channel.

Recall that the Fish-Man Island arc represents the 25th arc of the manga. Le Joueur du Grenier’s opinion was rather well received by the community, and was even generally shared. Internet users reacted by targeting a sometimes too brutal division, and an overload of the boxes of a very dense manga.

Here are some of the comments in question:

He is clearly right. Chief Otaku often makes this remark too. Even though One Piece is my number 1 manga, I admit that I sometimes have trouble deciphering the action. Apparently it wasn’t the case at the beginning of the manga but personally I started the manga at the Whole Cake Island arc so I can’t say. Before I was an anime only. Oda master of narration but not of cutting. He has to learn from Toryama…”

“One Piece’s adventure involves its protagonists exploring the planet they find themselves on (and maybe even a little bit more), which means that they have to do a lot of encounters, build links with many characters, links that will surely be very useful for the end because it is going to end on a big battle (most probably Pirates + Revolutionaries VS World Government). characters to remember don’t bother me. Now concerning the readability of the fights at the level of the manga, I completely agree. It is very difficult for me to understand from the first reading all that happens as a fight in the chapters. That’s why I like to watch anime sometimes.”

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And you, what do you think of JDG’s opinion on manga density? One Piece ? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.