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Banpresto present at 27 Manga Barcelona

Banpresto has confirmed through its social networks its presence in the 27 Manga Barcelona. In addition to a commercial stand, with exclusive figures, the company will also organize the exhibition 芦Bustercall One Piece芦 that will delight fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work. Soon they will give more details about the sample.

The exhibition “Bustercall One Piece” is an exhibition where different artists present their particular versions of some of the characters in the universe of One Piece. The only premise to be fulfilled by the artists was to represent what the work of Eiichiro Oda has meant in their lives. The sample can be enjoyed in Japan until next December 27Although a piece of the exhibition can be enjoyed at the Barcelona event.

The three exclusive figures will be available only during the event and in a limited. The first one is the ONE PIECE BUSTERCALL Chunky Monkey.D.Luffy designed by American Alex Solis. It is 21 cm high and made of PVC.

On the other hand, you will find ONE PIECE BUSTERCALL Chunky Tony Tony.Chopper, also by Alex Solis. The figure is slightly smaller than 18 cm and is made of PVC.

Finally, there is the figure ONE PIECE BUSTERCALL Devilish NAMI designed by the artist Saori Ishizaki, the artist responsible for the design and creation of the Q Posket line of figures. It is 11.5 cm high and is made of PVC.

The three figures will come with a special packaging of the collection and there will only be 25 units of each available at the event.

Source: Banpresto