Big Mom unleashes a power never seen before in One Piece

It seems that chapter 1039 has brought more surprises than we expected and a great ending for a fearsome villain.

In One Piece chapter 1039, we saw the end of one of the most climactic endings between Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid and Big Mom, one of the most powerful villains in the entire franchise. But, to be worthy of this great final showdown, she has revealed that her powers are even more versatile than previously thought and has pushed her opponents to the limit. Although we know that many characters in this work have magical abilities that are granted to them by eating one of the mysterious devil fruits, we had never seen the devastating final power that they had granted to Big Mom until now.

While these Devil Fruit abilities can vary in utility, Big Mom’s powers are easily one of the strongest we’ve seen in the manga thus far, both her physical capabilities and her powers are devastating. Over the course of their journey, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have encountered many fearsome enemies, but perhaps no one is as intimidating as Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, who we first met alongside Jinbe. , the current helmsman of the Mugiwara. Linlin is one of the four emperors of the sea, a group of pirates with such a force that even the Navy and the World Government have had trouble killing them (or simply resisting their attack).).

His powers come from the Soul Soul Fruit, which grants him the ability to take fragments of a person’s soul and implant them into an object which then comes to life and becomes their slave, as if it were a necromancer. These living objects are known as homies. By taking a fragment of someone’s soul in this way, he can reduce their lifespan by an amount proportional to the size of the fragment, in some cases he can even steal their entire lifespan, killing them instantly and making them his minions. However, in combat, he mostly uses his homies to fight and not take any chances. But, in One Piece chapter 1039 she reveals another application of her abilities that makes her even more powerful and fearsome than before.

One Piece 1039 the end of Big Mom

Since chapter 1038, Big Mom was seriously injured in her fight with Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law, the awakening of the fruit of both pirates was a great imbalance in the confrontation that the villain did not expect. In One Piece chapter 1039, she reveals an easy way to get around her injuries and recover all her life energy. By infusing their bones with a bit of her soul, she can turn them into homies and heal herself.. Up to this point, Big Mom has never had to enhance her own body with her powers, relying instead on her superhuman strength and endurance to protect herself from other pirates or the World Government. This new use of her powers opens up many new potential uses that were previously unknown in the franchise.

one piece 1039 big mom

If she can bring a part of her body to life to heal herself during a fight, then she may recover from even more serious injuries if she gives up a part of her greater soul.. Also, you may be able to enhance parts of your body by bringing them to life. For example, if she brought her hair to life, she could have a Medusa-like power set and control them at will, a one person army is possible. Even if she can use this power on her enemies’ body parts, she could make her own body parts turn against them.

At the end of One Piece chapter 1039, however we are left not knowing if this or other types of abilities are possible, Well, Kid and Law give Big Mom a devastating blow, causing her pain that she did not know.. It’s unclear if this attack will be enough to knock her out, especially given the new healing powers she’s displayed, but whether she’s knocked out or not, this creative use of her devil fruit opens up the possibility for her life to be knocked out. can be extended indefinitely. We will have to wait a little longer for Oda to reveal the end of this fight.

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