Billboard: ‘One Piece Film: Red’ and the movies that premiere this Thursday, November 3

Like every Thursday, the billboard is renewed with the best animated, action and horror films in Cineplanet, MovieTime Cinemas, Cinemark and CineStar. Get ready to watch the movies on premiere on the big screen this Thursday, November 3 and watch the trailers in our note.

1. ‘One piece Film: Red’

The world’s most beloved singer whose voice has been described as “otherworldly,” Uta is famous for hiding her own identity when performing. She will now, for the first time, reveal herself to the world in a live concert. With the Navy watching closely, the place fills with Uta fans, including excited pirates and the Straw Hats led by Luffywho simply came to enjoy his sound performance, all eagerly awaiting the voice that the entire world has been waiting to resonate.

two. ‘On the edge of the abyss’

A rock climbing adventure turns into a very real nightmare when a woman films the murder of her best friend. Thereafter, she begins a climb up a cliff as the killer and her friends chase after her.

3. ‘The night of the apocalypse

A quiet weekend for a devoted couple takes a strange turn when members of a strange cult and their maniacal leader arrive to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy.

4. ‘My boyfriend is a ghost

Michael dies in a car accident shortly after breaking up with his girlfriend. In the afterlife, a kind of singles purgatory, he meets her guardian, Scarlett, who informs him that for her soul to go to heaven; she must return to Earth as a ghost and find her true love before ascending. With time against her and after many dates he believes he has found her true love. The problem is that she Honey BeeShe is alive, she is human and not a ghost.


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EER 4×07 HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: We did not expect anything, but it is giving us everything

The Game of Thrones prequel has brought back the romance of waiting every Sunday night. Laura Amasifuén, Diego Pajares Herrada and David Honores comment on the 9 episodes of this first season as a sort of preview of this Sunday’s season finale. You go and listen, no more.