Black Maria Cosplay Introduces One Piece’s Giant Oiran – Senpai

One Piece He has not been short in showing us female characters who occupy a renowned position among the pirates of the series, and the following cosplay de Black Maria (performed by azubises on Instagram) shows one of the most powerful women in the Beast pirate crew.

Black Maria is a former captain who currently holds a place as one of the Tobi Roppo who lead the pirates commanded by Kaido. Though not as tall as the giant race, Black Maria’s stature easily matches that of the emperor of the sea, kaido, as far as we can tell she is one of the tallest women in the universe of One Piece.

What does the pirate woman hide behind her beauty? | Photo: Azubises (Instagram)

Black Maria displays style and elegance as the oiran (high-ranking courtesan) of the sea emperor, wearing a mainly black kimono with yellow flower and petal patterns. Among her many adornments, this woman makes it clear that she has not forgotten her roots as a pirate by wearing several knives in her hair.

As proof of her affiliation with the Beast Pirates, Black Maria ate one of the artificial Devil Fruits (known as SMILE) produced by the Kaido Pirates and consequently also possesses a pair of red horns growing from her head.

The Tobi Roppos made a grand entrance into the anime, and fans have seen a bit of what they’re capable of thanks to the brief fights we’ve seen with Ulti and Page-One so far, but Black Maria’s abilities remain a mystery along with the other members of “the Kaido special forces.

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