Bleach TYBW ends 2022 as the highest rated anime in history

Bleach TYBW“It has been an anime that has freaked me out much more than I expected. Yes, things like the decision with Unohana or certain ‘deaths’ may be somewhat out of place, but in general part 1 of the return of the anime seemed to me absolutely incredible, both at the action level and for all the story revelations that we have experienced in just 13 episodes. Yes, what it may seem It’s crazy that this part is already valued as the best anime in all of history.

The portal My Anime List has part 1 of Bleach TYBW as the best anime in history

It’s happened several times this year. for example with “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” either Part 2 of the Final Season of “Attack on Titan”but it had never lasted very long. However, “Bleach TYBW” seems to have enough margin as to keep up with the highest rated anime of all:

  • As you can see, “Bleach TYBW” right now has a rating of 9.19 on My Anime List (MAL). 😵
  • This valuation corresponds to December 28, therefore it will serve to end this 2022 as the best anime in history. 😮
  • Yes an anime that at this point It is not yet legally available in Spain, despite the fact that Disney + has been distributing it to multiple regions around the world. 🤬
  • Are there any indications that Bleach TYBW will be added to the platform’s catalog soon? Maybe with the broadcast already finished we will know something soon… or maybe not. 🤔

It should also be taken into account that this anime of “Bleach TYBW” will have up to 4 parts different, and that the second one is already listed separately on the website itself. In other words, at first this assessment should not fluctuate too much, although it is possible that as Disney+ makes it available in more regions, more fans will come to MAL to provide their assessment. Therefore, it is possible that things can still change in the coming months.

Personally, I already say that “Bleach TYBW” has completely exceeded my expectations, especially since I think Studio Pierrot has done its best work in quite a few years quietly. Now we have to wait until July 2023 for part 2 of the anime to be released, but if this continues like this, there could perfectly be a ‘Gintama Case’ in which various contents of “Bleach” occupy the highest parts of MAL.