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boa hancock She is one of the female characters in one piece most important of the whole work. Since she made an appearance in One Piece in the arc of amazon-lilythe Empress of the Kuja captivated a lot of people. Here I tell you the 8 most important curiosities of Boa Hancock. It goes without saying that this article is not recommended if you are not up to date with manga or anime.

She is the empress of the Kuja

Boa Hancock is the empress of the kingdom of Amazon Lily. This kingdom is situated within Calm Belt and inhabited by the Kuja tribe. They are Amazonian warrior women who do not admit men into their domain. She was awarded the title at the age of 18 and she quickly made a name for herself in the world of piracy, despite her young age, thanks to her incredible skills. All this made her gain the attention of the world government and also the Marines.

The Serpent Princessas she is also known, governs with coldness, selfishness and arrogance, the result of her horrible past, but despite everything, she also shows details of wanting to protect the Kuja by actions and decisions that she makes during the play. The most outstanding fact is that he accepts to be a member of the Shichibukai, or the Seven Lords of War, in exchange for protection for Amazon Lily and the Kuja.

She was a slave of Celestial Dragons

Boa Hancock has one of the most tragic and painful pasts in all of One Piece.. At the age of 12, she was captured by slave traders, along with her sisters. Sandersonia Y marigold. The capture occurred while they were sailing on a Kuja ship. She and her sisters were branded with the dreaded “Heavenly Dragon Claw.”the symbol of the World Nobles. This claw is something that she and her sisters hide at any cost, even deceiving her own tribe, as it indicates that they were slaves in the past.

The Heavenly Dragons gave him the fruit Mero Mero not Mi to entertain them while Boa Hancock was captive, although in the manga, the main reference for the work, it is said that he found her while running away. During those 4 years, they suffered true horrors, until a very iconic character named FisherTiger managed to free them from the lands of the World Nobles. after escaping from Mary GeoiseThey were rescued by Rayleigh, shukaku Y Nyon.

Her past as a slave of Celestial Dragons is one of the most important points in Boa’s life, marking her personality and defining many elements such as mistrust towards much of the world, especially men. She is actually a sensitive and vulnerable person, with many fears, who simply tries to appear strong so that no one will abuse her again.

His faithful companion, Salome

The Kuja Pirates have snake companions that they use as weapons. Salome is the faithful companion of Boa Hancock and in addition to helping her in battle, it also has the curiosity of being a personal throne for Boa to sit on whenever she wants. Of the most striking and largest snakes, if not the largest of the entire tribe.

One of the main features of Salomé in combat is to help Boa to gain height and make her technique more effective. ‘Slave Arrow’. It also has the ability to track and identify any living being or object, both on the surface and under the sea. This is a very key feature, because thanks to this Boa can locate the submarine of Trafalgar D Law and accompany Luffy in his escape and recovery.

Salomé’s fidelity is to be commended, as no matter where Boa is, she will always be by her side. This is shown throughout the history of One Piece. In battle and in her worries, Salome is always ready to help her. Even in the arc Impel Downthe members of the Navy allow Boa Hancock to have Salome with her, being the only thing they allow her to take.


He belonged to the Shichibukai

In order to ensure greater protection for the Kuja tribe and the kingdom of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock agrees to become part of the Shichibukaior the Seven Lords of War. She is the only girl to be part of this group. Later, when the Navy decides to disband the Shichibukai, she challenges them by saying that if they want to go to Amazon Lily to capture her, she will wait for them.

She has a crush on Monkey D. Luffy

Everyone seems to surrender at the feet of the beauty of Boa Hancock, except the protagonist of the work, Monkey D Luffy. The relationship between these two characters was very complicated at first for various reasons. Boa wanted to execute Luffy for having entered Amazon Lily, not believing his story about his arrival, luckily or not, at the hands of Bartholomew Kuma.

At first, Boa sees Luffy like all other men. Someone arrogant, selfish and without empathic capacity. The relationship drastically changes the moment Luffy protects Sandersonia.. The straw hat covers the dreaded mark of the Heavenly Dragons Claw in front of all the Kuja who were witnessing the fight between the sisters and him. As a result of this event, the knowledge that Luffy hit one of the World Nobles and that he accepts the empress’s past despite having been a slave, Boa begins to question the true nature of the rubber boy and decides to trust him. .

Thanks to all these reasons, added to his courage, kindness and good heart, Boa falls in love with Luffy. Because of this, he contracts the famed “lovesickness”. Nothing more and nothing less than a disease that makes almost any empress of the past lose her life. Later, Nyon reveals that much of the previous empresses died because they did not express their love and distanced themselves from the person they were in love with. This reason makes Boa have extra reasons to always stay by her beloved’s side. In spite of everything, our protagonist does not feel anything romantic for her, but he does hold her in high esteem and cares about her well-being.

mythological inspiration

Boa Hancock is inspired by various entities from Greek mythology. The first and foremost is jellyfish, because both can turn into stone and are related to the snake. In addition, she and her sisters also symbolize the myth of the Gorgon sisters, also being three. Boa also shares similarities with Calypso. Both have an island inhabited only by women. Both she and Calypso are irresistible to the vast majority of men and both Odysseus in the myth, as Luffy in One Piece, they resist his charms.

Finally, Boa is compared to the power and influence of the mermaids in the arc of thriller bark. It is said that its beauty is similar to that of the sirens and that it attracts and seduces pirates to lead them to a horrible destiny, just like these mythological beings. One difference is that the mermaids use her singing, while Boa flaunts and uses her physical beauty.

boa hancock

User of the three types of Haki

There are many people who sometimes underestimate Boa’s power when compared to many male characters, but nothing is further from the truth. boa hancock it is not only the Empress of the Kujaancient Shichibukai and possessor of Mero Mero not MiIn addition to all this, she is also a user of the three types of Haki.

‘Kenbunshoku no Haki’, ‘Busoshoku no Haki’ Y Haoshoku no Haki, of observation, of armor and of the conqueror or the king, respectively. The first two can be strengthened with training and are usually acceptably common. The third one is quite unique because there are not too many characters that can use it, since you need to have it from birth and wake it up later. All of the above makes Boa Hancock one of the most powerful female characters in all of One Piece.and also a global character to be taken into account due to his abilities.

Boa Hancock, user of all three types of Haki

He is the most complicated human character to draw for Eiichiro Oda

In the section of SBS (Shitsumon Boshu Suru) from One Piece, was asked Eiichiro Oda who was the most difficult character to draw. The creator of One Piece responded without hesitation. Boa Hancock was the most difficult human character to draw. Although he never revealed a deeper motive than the fact of commenting that because of the elements of it. It is difficult to guess that it is Boa, having hundreds of characters with very particular details and proportions.

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