Boa Hancock turns in this traditional Japanese cosplay

Ever since Eiichiro Oda drew Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress of one piecea legion of fans arose around her and ended up becoming a source of inspiration for much fan art and cosplay.

Nothing strange if we take into account that Hancock stands out not only for her beauty but also for having a somewhat ‘complicated’ personality. Before Monkey D. Luffy came to her kingdom, she was a haughty ruler full of arrogance.

She thinks that everyone should pay homage to her and be at her feet. Without forgetting that she does not trust men and when she has the opportunity, she petrifies more than one with her powers.

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That’s why she was very surprised that her ability didn’t work on Luffy. Little by little, the aspiring King of the Pirates ended up winning his heart for his way of being and for taking care of others. Now she is madly in love with this pirate.

Boa Hancock turns in this traditional Japanese cosplay
Fountain: Instagram.

Perhaps there is still a bit of arrogance and pride in the way he behaves. But when she’s in front of him it changes completely. To the extent that any gesture or comment from Monkey D. Luffy ends up misinterpreting it.

Of course, almost always at your convenience. Boa Hancock is still very popular in the manga and anime of one piecewhich motivates many cosplayers to dedicate at least one cosplay to it.

Boa Hancock in a very traditional cosplay

Boa Hancock cosplay from one piece what we bring you is a contribution by @_yingying_gg. In this case, she decided to go traditional. That is to say, she is wearing one of the most common dresses the Pirate Empress has ever worn.

It is the same with which many met her in the series. This one is red with various ornaments. The upper part has a neckline, while the lower part has a skirt with a large opening on the side.

Boa Hancock turns in this traditional Japanese cosplay
Fountain: Instagram.

This outfit leaves the cosplayer’s belly exposed and is complemented by a pair of red sneakers. As for her hair, it is similar to how it appears in the manga and anime.

It is long straight black hair with a couple of locks that hang on the sides of the face, exposing the forehead. The earrings that she is wearing @_yingying_gg are similar to Hancock’s. What is not clear to us is the color of the cosplayer’s eyes.

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