Bocchi the Rock! already dominates in downloads with his new album — Kudasai

The self-titled album of the fictional Kessoku Bandfrom the anime adaptation of the manga Bocchi the Rock!shot up to the top of the weekly list of most downloaded albums according to the Billboard Japan. The music album of the Kessoku Band debuted at the top of the chart from December 21 to 28, entering on the same day as its release. The album includes songs from the anime, such as “Guitar, Solitude, and the Blue Planet“, “Seishun Complex“, “Distortion!!” and many more.

They complete the Top 10 of the list “Uta no Uta ONE PIECE FILM RED” from the film of the same name and by the singer ado in the fourth position, and Collinsfrom 10-FEETof the movie The First Slam Dunk, in the eighth position. The song “deep down” from aimerthe ninth closing theme song for Chainsaw Manreached the eleventh position.

The series aired during the season of Autumn-2022 (October-December) and had a total of twelve episodes, while the platform crunchyroll is in charge of its distribution in the West. Aki Hamaji began publishing the manga through the magazine Manga Time Kirara Max from the publisher Houbunsha in December 2017.

Synopsis for Bocchi the Rock!

Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou, lonely and eager to mingle with others, spends her time playing the guitar. One fateful day, Bocchi meets outgoing drummer Nijika Ijichi, who invites her to join the Kessoku Band when her guitarist, Ikuyo Kita, runs away before her first concert. Soon after, Bocchi meets her last partner, the great bassist Ryou Yamada.

Although their first performance together is mediocre, the girls are strengthened by their shared love of music, and Kita soon joins them again. Bocchi and her classmates, who find happiness in performing, put all their efforts into improving as musicians while making the most of their fleeting high school days.

Fountain: Billboard Japan