Bocchi the Rock! reigns in Japan and already has the most downloaded music album, listen to it!

One of the big surprises of anime in 2022, Bocchi the Rock!, has also conquered the music scene in Japan

Bocchi the Rock“It has been without a doubt the biggest surprise of 2022, because one thing is that you expect that”Spy x Family“I’m going to make a successful debut and do it, but another thing quite different is that CloverWorks take a 4-koma and turn it into a master class animation, humor and even music. Indeed, the spirit of “K-On!” lives so strongly in this anime to the point that his music has also made the Japanese vibrate.

Not just the anime, the music of Bocchi the Rock! also conquer Japan

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you with a screenshot of the results of Billboard Japan in terms of the most downloaded music albums. between December 21 and 28:

And according pick up the ANN gear, that’s how it turned out exactly for “Bocchi the Rock!” on the music scene in Japan:

  • Indeed, the album Kessoku Band, which takes the name of Bocchi and company’s own band, is found in first position on Billboard Japan. 🥳
  • It has been with the release of the album, which includes songs like ‘Guitar, Solitude, and the Blue Planet’, “Distorition!!” and more than Bocchi the Rock! has achieved something really difficult if you don’t have the name of a great anime behind it. 😉
  • On Billboard Japan’s top 10 chart they can also be found Themes from other animes like One Piece Film Red or The First Slam Dunk. 😄
  • Do you want to listen to the album too? Well you’re in luck, because I leave it below thanks to Spotify:

Honestly, the 2022 of surprises that we have had at the anime level is amazing. It is no longer just a matter of “Bocchi the Rock!”, but others like “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” (incredible) or “Sono Bisque Doll wa koi wo Suru” have also exploded in an incredible way. It only remains to hope, then, that 2023 will be able to surprise us as much as we have seen in the last 12 months.