Bocchi the Rock!: Will there be season 2 of the anime?

Bocchi the Rock! It has been an anime that practically nobody expected and that, however, has become a huge cucumber

Bocchi the Rock!“It was an anime from which you can easily expect nothing and in the end it has ended up giving you everything. When at the time I thought of it as a mix of “Hitoribocchi!” and “K-On!” I never imagined that the result could be as perfect as this is, but it has been. Also worth mentioning is that this anime has been the icing on the cake to 2022 by the hand of CloverWorks totally spectacularand the study deserves as much talk about its work as the MAPPA, WIT Studio and company.

Season 2 of the Bocchi the Rock! anime, is it really viable?

That being said, I think that right now there are many of us who have in mind the question of whether “Bocchi the Rock!” will have an anime season 2and luckily I think I can formulate a fairly precise answer with what I have at hand:

  • To begin, it must be said first that Bocchi the Rock! does not feature a standard source material like many other manga, instead In your case, the paper format you have is represented as a 4-koma. That is to say, its chapters are published as simple strips of 4 cartoons each. 😮
  • Despite the format, the truth is that Bocchi the Rock! has already published up to 5 physical manga volumes, and if logic is applied, the usual thing would be that the first season of the anime would have adapted all that content… but no. 🤙
Bocchi the Rock! has ended up being a tremendously TOP anime
  • Investigating a little, I have been able to discover that the anime of Bocchi the Rock! has mostly covered to a certain point in volume 3 from the official manga. 😃
  • In other words, between the announcement of a season 2 of the Bocchi the Rock! anime, the start of production and all the fishing (of course by 2023 I don’t expect anything), it seems VERY viable to think that the anime will return in the future with a second season of content. 😍
  • When could the announcement of the second season of the anime of Bocchi the Rock! How do I really think it can happen? Well, taking into account that it has not given rise to it with the end of the first season, now it seems logical to me that we will have to wait at least a few months for it. That’s why I already say that, at the earliest, I don’t expect season 2 of the anime before 2024. 🤔

In all honesty, I hope and wish that season 2 of the “Bocchi the Rock!” anime will be announced, and even though at first I thought it was pretty unlikely, having done some research I’m left with the feeling that the surprising thing would be if the announcement never happened. Therefore, put a candle and wait, because the return of “Bocchi the Rock!” It is something that can really happen.