Boichi (Dr. Stone) makes an illustration of One Piece

A few weeks ago, the Dr. Stone manga had just ended. As for the news of the duo formed by Boichi and Inagaki, nothing indicates what the future project will be. However, Boichi is talked about again on the occasion of the release of the latest issue of the magazine. One Piece.

Credits: TMS Entertainment

The artist has produced a superb illustration featuring some characters from One Piece.

The battle against CP9

The Straw Hat crew has seen all the colors during their adventures. They notably crossed paths with an elite unit of the World Government known under the code name of CP9. While Nico Robin had been taken prisoner, Luffy and his companions make every effort to free her.

On the other hand, the members of CP9 do not intend to let it go without flinching. A fight breaks out between the two groups and each protagonist finds himself busy. This time around, Nami comes face to face with Kalifa, a Devil Fruit user known as Awa Awa no Mi.

This Pharamecia-type fruit allows its holder to create soap bubbles. For Nami, who is not really cut out for combat, facing an expert like Kalifa was not easy. Apart from Khalifa and Nami, other characters are featured in this illustration which you can check out below.

Boichi’s journey

From his real name Mu-jik Park, Boichi is an artist of South Korean origin. He made his debut in Korea with the creation of manhwa before heading to Japan. In 2017 he worked on the manga Dr Stone in collaboration with Riichiro Inagaki who was in charge of the writing. Currently, Dr. Stone is the manga he is best known for.

However, it should not be forgotten that this is not his first work. His first work, Sun-Ken-Rock, dates from 2006. We can add works like Terra Formas, Wallman or Origin to his list. In 2020, Boichi was offered the opportunity to collaborate with the One Piece franchise.

He was notably in charge of creating the art for the One Piece A novel. As for Dr. Stone, the anime series has yet to tap into all of the manga. Season 3 of Dr Stone should normally be released in 2023. However, it will not be necessary to wait that long to discover the special episode entitled Dr. Stone: Ryusui. The episode in question will be released this summer.

Source: CBR