Box-Office: One Piece in the lead, all sails out

The Japanese animated film takes the top spot at the box office, dethroning Bullet Trainin which Brad Pitt portrays a crazy criminal.

One Piece: Red confirmed the taste of the French public for manga and Japanese animation by taking first place at the box office upon its release, according to figures published Wednesday, August 17 by CBO Box-Office. The 15the original film based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga achieved 575,182 admissions during its first week of release, representing a market share of 22%.

One Piecewhose first volume was published in 1997, features Luffy, the pirate launched in pursuit of a treasure, in a river story with multiple cultural references. One Piece dethrones Bullet Train the film punctuated with gags and black humor whose brad pitt is the star which, for its second week, drops to second place with 313,237 admissions.

Boop the horrific and satirical science fiction tale by Jordan Peele, moved into third place for its release, with 224,705 admissions. Daniel Kaluuya there is a horse trainer frightened by the appearance of mysterious phenomena in the sky of his ranch. But he and his sister (Keke Palmer) are torn between fear and the desire to reach glory by capturing these scenes for social networks.

The yellow troublemakers of Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru take fourth place, with 213,497 admissions over the week. They have accumulated 3.4 million admissions in six weeks of operation. The Marvel blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder , the last episode of the saga of the god of thunder, takes fifth place, for its fifth week of operation. To finish, Top Gun: Maverick has also crossed the bar of 6 million spectators in France, which makes it to date the biggest success in theaters.

Week of August 10 to 16:

1. One Piece: Red: 575,182 entries, 631 copies (new)

2. Bullet Train : 313,237 entries, 735 copies (2th operating week)

3. Boop : 224,705 entries, 451 copies (new)

4. The Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru : 213,497 entries, 907 copies (6th operating week)

5. Thor: Love and Thunder : 197,826 entries, 666 copies (5th operating)