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It was shown that Luffy CAN ride Goku’s flying cloud thanks to the fact that 25 years ago the universes of one piece and dragon ball joined for the first time in a crossover special, under the titleDragon Ball x One Piece: Cross Epoch.”

Cross Epoch It is a collaboration made by the authors Akira Toriyama (dragon ball) and Eiichiro Oda (one piece). The crossover unites characters from both franchises in a 20-page story that was published by the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump in its double edition of January 22, 2007.

Photo: Shueisha

Luffy climbs on the flying cloud

The characters of one piece and dragon ball are mixed in groups with different professions while everyone tries to attend Shenron and Mister Satan’s “Tea Party”. It is under this premise that the protagonists of both Shōnen they are so important.

Near the end of the crossover we run into Goku and Luffy who – for a change – are late for the tea party, so to hurry up and make their journey more exciting, they both decide to have a little run.

History of Goku and Luffy in Cross Epoch | Photo: Shueisha

As you can see, Goku no longer needs to travel on the flying cloud since by then he had learned the flying technique, although he was able to call it in time to help Luffy.

According to the myth, only living beings of good intentions can travel on the flying cloud. Therefore, it was not only shown that Luffy is capable of riding the flying cloud, because the next “King of the Pirates” is and always has been a good-hearted protagonist.

Did you already know the first crossover of dragon ball and one piece?


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