Can One Piece anime make it to Comedy Central?

ComedyCentral He has spent these last few months doing something that every anime fan in Spain is always grateful for: recovering “dragon ball“Indeed, even though the franchise is mostly under the control of Select Vision, it has been possible to enjoy the adventures of Goku and company on the platform in question (not including the most recent arcs). Now seems to be a good time to consider the following: could the same eventually happen with “one piece“?

Comedy Central opens the door to One Piece anime

I’m not throwing it in the air because yes, but because It has been since Comedy Central itself who seem to have been dropping winks about this:

Let’s discuss this a bit more calmly which I think will go well:

  • Basically, from Comedy Central’s Twitter, they challenged people to make a particular hashtag become one of the most talked about trends on Twitter in Spain, and if they did, there would be good consequences: would explore bringing One Piece anime to Comedy Central. ❗
  • As you will see in the second tweet, the hashtag really got into trends, but due to the platform’s tweets, it never became part of TT, as I understand it. ❗
  • Does this mean that Comedy Central will pass on One Piece then? Honestly I’m not sure, but I have thought a couple of things:
    • A) That there was never any real intention to explore this because of how expensive the license can be (even if it’s just the first seasons) and the intention was simply to go out in the Twitter TTs. ❌
    • b) That you have really considered acquiring a partial license of One Piece and air it through Comedy Central. ❓

What is clear to me and what I think everyone should be clear about is that it is impossible that, in any case, bringing “One Piece” from Comedy Central could catch up with the anime. The license is under the Crunchyroll catalog and has the tiny difference with respect to “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z” in that it is an anime still on air. It is clear that we will have to be patient to see if something comes out of all this movement, but the truly positive thing is that Comedy Central continues with the anime in their mouths.

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