Caribbean Cinemas held the premiere of the popular anime “One Piece: RED”

Caribbean Cinemas held at the facilities of his cinema from Downtown Center the premiere of the new movie of the popular anime “one piece: NET”. The premiere offered to members of the press and special guests was attended by the prestigious presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of Japan in the country, Takagi Masahiro.

one piece is a manga series that has been written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda published weekly in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump since July 22, 1997 and which has managed to become the most popular and successful manga series in history.

Before entering the screening, the attendees enjoyed an exhibition of figures related to the film and at the same time popular cosplayers dressed as characters from the series.


Figures of the Bandai brand in their Anime Heroes and Banpresto lines of “one piece”, were exhibited in attractive dioramas or sets made by the toy store and collectibles, Geek Planet RD and Cinemas RD in collaboration with Rosso Toys.

The event was attended by popular and renowned Dominican cosplayers who, with their attractive designs, captured the attention of the public that packed the facilities of Caribbean Cinemas in Downtown center. The invited cosplayers were: Napalm Marsh @napalmmarsh, Lady Roronoa @roronoalizbelle, Kaizoku_Spider @kaizoku.spider, onisama @john.onisama, Tsuki Cosplay @tsukicosplay208, Genesis Nashuatec @gnashuatec_1807, TK Cosplay @takanosenpaicosplay, yakian simmers @yakian616, Tsuneki @kurotsuneki and Gyro @gyro_cosplay

Before the presentation of the filmone piece” A raffle was held among the attendees for an attractive figure of the character “Monkey. D. Luffy” 10′ Banpresto brand from Bandai’s Grandista collection.

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