Chainsaw Man: schedule and where to read chapter 118 in Spanish

the anime of Chainsaw Man he temporarily laid off a few weeks ago, leaving thousands of people with a great emptiness in their hearts. Luckily there is still sleeve original to continue discovering how Denji’s story continues, and right now Asa’s arc is at a very interesting point.

Tatsuki Fujimoto is introducing new characters and mysteries Looking ahead to the second part of Chainsaw Man. At the moment we have Asa Mitaka/Yoru and Denji as its main protagonists, although many people are beginning to feel fascinated with others like Kiga or Yoshida. Chapter 117 had a bit of everything and was even shortened, which is why I’m so eager to read the next one..

When is chainsaw man chapter 118 released?

  • Chainsaw Man will return with another totally new chapter next Tuesday, the day January 17 at 4:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time)⌛
  • As has been happening for many months, the next pages of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s work will be available read for free, legally and with localization in Spanish via Plus Sleeve
  • And contrary to what happened in previous weeks, Chainsaw Man re-establishes the weekly format and within seven days you will not be absent from Jump+💪🏻

What happened in the previous chapter?

  • Asa manages to get everyone out of the aquarium by turning it into a powerful spear✅
  • The Demon appears and attacks the girl, but Yoshida saves her🐙
  • Yoru enters the scene and eliminates the demon with one blow🦈
  • Yoshida and Kiga exchange their glances👀
  • Denji proposes to Asa that they go on a second date.and she accepts💘
  • Yoru detects that its host is developing feelings for denjiand that’s why he pounces on him to turn him into a weapon😦
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