Chainsaw Man: Who is THAT character in the Season 1 finale?

This is the last time I can say this (at least for a long time): I am pleased to inform you that today is Tuesday of Chainsaw Man. Well yes, a few minutes ago it premiered in crunchyroll the episode 12 from the animated adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga, in which the Samurai Sword arc was closed.

All those people who have read the original work knew more or less What scene would Season 1 close with?, although there was always room for some final surprise. I always thought that MAPPA could choose to include a small cameo in the last scene to get the fandom excited, and luckily I wasn’t wrong. The twelfth chapter of Chainsaw Man has a little surprise.

Attention! Next I will talk about something that is a SPOILER for the end of the first season of Chainsaw Man, as well as the next arc of the manga.

Who is the girl that appears at the end of episode 12?

  • The last minute of footage from Chainsaw Man Season 1 was used for briefly introduce a character who will be key in the next arc
  • It is nothing more nor less than praya girl who merged with him Bomb Demon and that he will be introduced as Denji’s new romantic interest❗❗
  • MAPPA did not show us his animated face, but we could see his legs, his shadow, his hair and his voice with one of his most characteristic phrases: “Tell me Denji, a country mouse or a city mouse. Which would you rather be?”❓❓
  • In the sequel to Chainsaw Man, Reze will be interpreted by Reina Ueda (Kanao in Kimetsu no Yaiba, Akane in SSSS. Gridman)🎤
chainsaw man

Unfortunately the outcome of Chainsaw Man was not accompanied by the announcement of a second season. Considering that MAPPA has to work on Jigokuraku, Jujutsu Kaisen, Shingeki no Kyojin, Vinland Saga and surely One Punch Man, I would not count on a return until 2024. Hopefully I’m wrong.