Chapitre One Piece 1029 RAW

The chapter One Piece 1029 is published in the Weekly Shonen Jump N ° 47 (2021) Monday 25 October 2021 in Japan. It is released in French on Sunday 24 October on Manga Plus FR and Glénat Manga Max. Summary and RAW are available.

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Chapter One Piece 1029: Tour

Queen says Judge once said he was going to create humans with “exoskeletons,” with great resistance and great power. With a “heart of ice” without any emotion.

Sanji is still in shock at the change his body is making and leaves because he needs time to think.

Queen chases him and tells him to show him the battle suit.

Kid has severe headache and is on the verge of getting beaten up by Big Mom.

Kid and Law Vs. Big Mom, there are a few scenes from the fight.

Killer Vs. Hawkins.

Kid’s headaches are caused by Hawkins punching the head.

There is a long conversation between the two, and at the end Killer says he has 2 questions for Hawkins.

Question # 1: What if the damage you cause has nowhere to go?

Hawkins replies that the damage will go to Kid, so Killer slices off his left arm.

Hawkins says why he cut his arm off, if the damage goes on …

Killer: “Kid doesn’t have a left arm.”

Question N ° 2: How many lives do you have left if I eliminate Kid’s doll? ”

Hawkins: “Congratulations, that was the last one. ”

Hawkins draws the “Tower” card. But Killer beats him.

“Tower” means “the collapse of the old” and a hidden meaning of the letter is “a new way.”

Killer: “Go ahead, boy !!”.

End. There will be no break next week. One Piece Chapter 1030 releases on Friday October 29, 2021.

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