Chapter 1055 confirms that Wano is the ancient kingdom? We explain to you

It’s something captivating that maybe took root from Zou, chapter 1016 solidified it, chapter 1040 reinforced it, chapter 1051 sealed itand chapter 1055 hammered the final nail into this coffin.

First, a bit of context in relation to the literary perspective that has always enlightened us. When it comes to mysteries and detective novels, you should know that 80% of the story, whether you are told it or not, you have the solution to the mystery. Even if this is a detective story and you met Jesus, Mother Therasa, Gandhi, and the victims are babies and puppies, clear your eyes and don’t be fooled, this is the one of them. When the author pulls back the curtain, then you are able to say “Now that makes sense”. The puzzle pieces are still there, only the context to connect them is hidden – although, of course, there are some that might stand out, like Nika – but it wasn’t so much a mystery as something that stood out. From nowhere. One Piece has been no exception so far, see Kanjuro and Denjiro reveals. Likewise, in every previous arc that has had an element of mystery, whether it’s zombies or talking furniture, the answer has always been a mechanism previously revealed in the world, namely Devil Fruits. In other words, we have already been told the name of the ancient kingdom. We just haven’t made the connection yet.

Well, the first clue is: We are not told the name of the ancient kingdom.


Why is this a clue? Well, just like the Sherlockian dog that doesn’t bark at night, that would be a clue that his absence matters. If its name were “Freedom”, “Japan”, “Spain”, “United States of the Emirates African Republic”, no answer here would particularly mean anything to the reader. Likewise, if it was Dawn or Dis or any other name that could be summed up as “D” given the, well, the prominence of the “D” name in history and in various organizations, including including the Marines. In other words, it becomes likely that this name is something that we as readers should recognize if we are told that it is significant in the story itself.

Ok, but what is the link with Wano? The answer is of course…Thriller Bark. What comes after Enies Lobby? Thriller Bark. What’s in Thriller Bark? Ryuma. Who is Ryuma? A samurai who an undetermined number of centuries ago defended Wano. If one follows the meta-history of the series from Grand Line, a pattern emerges.

Ryuma One Piece

In Alabasta we meet Pluto and the Poneglyphs, Laugh Taleand the Will of D.

In Skypiea, we are presented with the idea that Roger read and followed these poneglyphs.

In Enies Lobby we learn the origin of these poneglyphs.

In the Sabaody Archipelago, we learn what is on the final island.

In the Marineford Arc, we get ” The One Piece is real“.

In Fishman Island, we learn about ” joyboy and Poseidon.

In Punk Hazard, we learn about Devil Fruits and Bloodline Factors.

At Dressrosa, we learn about the 20 families and the Celestial Dragons.

In Zou we get to know the poneglyphs of the road.

On the island of Whole Cake, we get to know the number of Real/Rio monoglyphs.

In Wano, we learn… a lot.

In other words, Thriller Bark stands out as the ONLY arc that doesn’t immediately contribute to the meta-story. However, adopting Wano as an ancient kingdom almost immediately solved this problem. We are presented with the idea of ​​a Huge Kingdom, then the next arc, we are presented with the Land of Wano.


We already know that Wano is a country that was known by a different name in the distant past. Assuming that the Land of Gold is literal and not metaphorical, we keep this assumption mainly because Wano is often called “The Land of Wano”, so it can be a proper name or an epithet/ a nickname. Now, we are also aware that for the World Government, erasing a country and kingdom from history can be something as simple as… changing its name.. So in Wano, we have two pieces: “ A country that long ago was known by another name” AND “a World Government that is able to erase things from history by changing their name“.

zou manga

But wait, remember the story of Ryuma slaying a dragon above the Flower Capital. What if the allusion was cleverly hidden between the literal and the apocryphal? Let’s assume for a moment that all of this is 100% true and that the Old Kingdom is the Golden Country that has closed its borders to outsiders. A legend in the Land of Gold has it that its strongest defender slew a dragon in the skies. So what could the enemies of this country be called? Maybe something that references that event… maybe even… Flying Sky God. Not quite correct. Celestial Lizards? Not quite evocative. How about dubbing yourself “Celestial Dragon,” a name meant to poke fun at this Old Kingdom and its failures?

Let’s continue this momentum, let’s get back to Professor Clover. Clover and Cat tell us that Wano is the Old Kingdom explicitly. Wait, what?

Clover tells us that the Old Kingdom passed on the Poneglyphs. But we are told that it was the Kozuki family who created them. It seems like a simple case of Modus Ponens here. If the Old Kingdom created Poneglyphs in the Age of the Void, and that the poneglyphs come exclusively from the Land of Wano…., it would seem absurd to separate the two. If we read directly, the “Kozuki” ARE the “people of the past”.


But wait, this is getting interesting. Let’s look at the description of what they found on the Laugh Tale by Oden site.

Read it, and read it again. Back to the dog that didn’t bark overnight. Why didn’t Oden mention the ancient kingdom that was destroyed? You’d think it’s so important that he would have mentioned it, right? So read it again. If Wano is the Old Kingdom, then he heard about it, and he mentioned it. “Wano was open to the world”, now it is not.

There is also the problem of borders. It makes sense that the people of Wano don’t want their borders open (even though it seems to be Kaido propaganda taught by Sarahebi), but there is a logic to it. Why wouldn’t the World Government want the country of Wano to be opened?

“An open country lets in ideas that are harmful to the nation”, to paraphrase the now defeated Sarahebi. Now again, on a loop in the Clover: “The idea of ​​the Old Kingdom is harmful to the World Government. If the ideas of this Old Kingdom are dangerous in general, then there is…

Wano one piece

The best way to tell a huge lie and hide a secret? In full light, with hints of truth. The Big Lie – The Old Kingdom was not destroyed, but it was defeated, and it was forced into isolation. An agreement was reached to preserve the people of Wano on the condition that they agree to never leave the country and spread their ideals, as well as change their name. It became a crime on both sides of the arrangement. One crime was to delve into the history of said Kingdom, another crime was to leave said Kingdom. Cut off from the world, Wano lost his resources and influence and became an islander, which made him ready to be caught up by Kaido..

So why Poneglyphs? Perhaps they were created before this defeat, when it became clear that it was imminent. Thus: “Keep the truth in your heart, and keep your mouth silent. »


Recent chapters add several twists to this story.

We learned that the ancient weapon Pluto is hidden in Wano country. It was last used 800 years ago. If Wano was the Ancient Kingdom, then it would make sense for the country.

We also learned that there is a huge, large, ancient kingdom hidden beneath Wano. Perhaps a stone fruit user created these barriers in the past in order to surround Wano on either side and create the foundations of new Wano (whether Old Wano -ese or World Government). As a result, the Old Kingdom also lost its greatest weapon. Another humiliation on a pile of humiliations.

wano pluto

“This is what it means to lose a war. » A message that Oda has hammered at us not once, not three, but three times over the past few chapters.. First Kaido, then Vodka Kingdom, and finally Aramaki.

wano kaido
Ryukugyu Wano

So how can this relate to what is happening now? Well, the world government said so itself. “The balance cannot be maintained forever. »

Gorosei one peice
Wano one piece

So, is Wano the Old Kingdom? Like any theory, there’s a +50% chance it’s wrong, and some of the finer points of this theory are definitely wrong.

To conclude. She will never know how close she was. Literally.

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