Chapter Scan One Piece 1045 RAW

The chapter One Piece 1045 is published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump No.18 (2022) Monday April 04, 2022 in Japan. Summary and RAW are available. It officially comes out in French on Sunday, April 03, 2022 on Manga Plus EN and Glénat Manga Max.

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>>>RAW of One Piece Scan Chapter 1045

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Chapter One Piece 1045: Next Level

Color page: The Mugiwara are seated together with the letters that form the phrase: “Sea of ​​Liberation”.

Luffy: Hmm?

Page 2
Luffy: Gea!!
You bastard !!
Gomu gomu no….!!!

Page 3
Luffy: …Balloon!!!
Kaido: Bastard..!!!

Page 4:
Yamato: What is it?! What happens now?!

Momo: I have no idea!! Kaido just swelled up?!!

Kaido: Fuck…!! What’s going on ?! My body is not made of rubber!!
Luffy: Oh! Here are the lights!
Gomu gomu no….

Page 5:
Luffy: Escape Rocket!!!
Gomu Gomu no…

Momo: Luffy?!
Momo & Yamato: Huh?!!

Page 6&7
Luffy: Huge!!!
Yamato: Who is it?!
Momo: Huh?! Why am I hearing Luffy’s “voice” coming from this thing?!

Yamato: It’s Luffy?!
Luffy: Gea!!
Gomu gomu no…

page 8
Luffy: fly rope!!
Kaido: Fiery Breath!!!
Luffy: Ow ow, that’s hot!!

page 9
Yamato: Oh no! This fiery breath hit the mark!!
Luffy: Unforgivable!

page 10
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no…
Kaido: Hah Ha.. Conqueror of the Three Worlds… Ragnarok!!!
Luffy: It hurts!!!

page 11
Kaido: It’s like it’s straight out of a comic book..!!
Luffy: Ouch, that hurts!
Kaido: That was an “interesting show” you just did! But that’s all ? Is that your limit?
So you can’t defeat me!

Luffy: Shut up!

page 12
Luffy: Who said that’s my limit, dude! Eh ? Hah… phew… I’m tired…

Kaido: Who the hell are you?!
Luffy: That’s right… I was almost dying… It’s exhausting…

Kaido: Die then, rest in peace and be sure that this fight will not be forgotten in the future…

Luffy: I don’t need… that kind of stuff…!! Hah hah…

When we die… The only thing left are our bones!! Shishishi!!

page 13
Yamato: It’s really Luffy!! He looks completely different now with his bland hair and clothes!

Momo: But his voice is fading now!!
Luffy: It’s not over… Isn’t it… Momo!! Tama! Kin’emon!! Peter!!

Kaido: Worororo! You are dying.

Luffy: You still believe that… I’m afraid of something like that?!

Go ahead, my heartbeats!!

Kaido: Alright!!
Luffy: There they are! It’s that sound!
Yamato: Watch out, Luffy!

Page 14
Yamato: Huh?!
Luffy: It hurts!!!

page 15
Luffy: Three, two, one…Zero!!

page 16
Kaido: (What’s going on with this kid…He turned completely white…He covers himself with the haki of armament and kings haki…altering the surroundings…I’ve never seen such a fighting technique)

A being capable of defeating me does not exist in this world!!!

page 17
Luffy: That’s so funny!! Right Kaido?!

The whole chapter is Luffy’s fight against Kaido.

The fight is really fun. (Spoiler’s note: it will be more enjoyable to see the whole chapter than to read it)

Kaido remarks how unusual Luffy’s fruit is: It changes the environment to rubber (like a paramecia) but also transforms its user (like a zoan).

Luffy uses a new attack by the name of “Gomu Gomu no Gigant” which turns his entire body into a giant. He looks like a god.

Chapter Scan One Piece 1045 RAW

Momonosuke and Yamato reach the dome and see Luffy’s new form.

Yamato and Kaido confirm that Luffy’s hair and clothes have turned “white”.

Kaido says his power is like an illustrated story, he even says it’s an “interesting” show.

Kaido says that Luffy fights using Kings Haki and Armaments Haki. It also influences surrounding things.

When Luffy loses all his energy, he remembers before he was on the verge of death and realizes that this form consumes a lot of energy. Kaido tells him to rest in peace, that someone will talk about this fight in the future (as he had told Oden when he was near death).

But Luffy says that if he dies everyone will end up in bones.

Momo says Luffy’s “voice” is about to disappear, Luffy says he can’t die here and repeats 4 names: “Momo, Tama, Kin’emon, Pedro” while he does something.

Kaido understands what he is doing and tells him that he will still die. But Luffy continues and says “Harder, heartbeat!” and regain its shape.

Luffy runs out of energy, but he regains his heartbeats that make the sound of drums and he regains his energy.

At the end of the chapter, Luffy punches Kaido in the face very harshly.

Luffy: “It’s funny, right Kaido? ”

End. Chapter 1046 Releases On April 8, 2022.

One Piece Scan Chapter 1045

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