Chexa makes us fall in love with her Nami cosplay from One Piece

Your search ends here, since in this space we will always have amazing cosplay for all tastes, you will be able to find some of your favorite characters and cosplayers, whether it be anime, manga, comics, video games and more, and we will be delighted to show you the best we find on the networks, shall we begin? .

They say that there is no worse tourist than the one who doesn’t know his own city, so before we go on a tour of the world looking for new models, we will introduce you to a beautiful Latina who is making her way with her own versions, and we think you might like her. .

And on this occasion, we bring you a beautiful cosplay model, who could surely catch your attention, because our goal is simple: to show you the best cosplay versions that we find on the networks, and of course, many of them are about some of your favorite characters.

So we have decided to bring you a new version of Namithis popular member of the Straw Hats within the anime one piecea girl who has managed to win a special place in the hearts of fans.

She is chexaa beautiful Ecuadorian model who has conquered us with her style and charisma in front of the camera, you can find her on her official Instagram as @chexama, where she has more than 64 thousand followers, as well as many cosplay jobs of all kinds, in which the girl looks fabulous.

She has given us her best version of Nami, Chexa, she wears long, reddish hair with shades of orange, as well as a white top and bikini with horizontal blue lines, a chain on her small waist, makeup that frames her big and beautiful eyes, as well as the iconic hat of Luffyan unmistakable hallmark of the franchise.

We hope this cosplay has been to your liking, if so, share your opinion with us in the comments of our social networks and please continue in eGames News.