Christmas 2022: Harry Potter and One Piece among the favorite books of the French!

Works like Harry Potter or One Piece are among the favorite books of the French. Ideal as a gift idea for Christmas.

The Christmas period is fast approaching. And books are among the best gift ideas. Moreover, here is the ranking of the favorite works of the French to be sure to please. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

How to approach Christmas well?

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching. In a few days, the month of December will begin. Which means that it will soon be necessary decorate your house with Christmas colors.

Besides, here are some tips for have a trendy tree this year for Christmas. There are a few decorations that still work.

For example, the snowy fir tree will always have its effect. In the winter theme, flashy, it will surprise your guests and delight the children. Others will opt for a more minimalist tree. Each his own !

Christmas is also good meals in perspective. Seafood, foie gras, cheeses, traditional dishes, there is something for all tastes and all appetites.

One of the great classics of the Christmas meal is the log. Here too, there is enough choice to delight gourmets. Between chocolate and fruit, everyone there will find his account.

But Christmas is also and especially gifts. Yes, young and old are looking forward to this moment. Moreover, it is not always easy to know what to offer to your loved ones.

Some are difficult, others already have everything. It’s not always easy to stand out and please. For this, books are a safe bet. MCE TV tells you more!

The books much appreciated by the French

Every year, many people are worried about the arrival of Christmas. Yes, often the dry breakdown is required when it comes to thinking about what to take for your family.

This Christmas 2022 is therefore no exception to the rule. In this case, do not panic. If you don’t know what to take, then books appear to be an ideal solution.

Some works are classics that are good to have in its shelves. Thus, the program “The favorite book of the French”, broadcast on December 15 on France 2, will establish the ranking of favorite books.

Moreover, among this list, there will not only be classics of French literature. Of course, books like Wretched, The little Prince or Cyrano de Bergerac are part of. But not only !

This classification incorporates much more modern works. Thereby, Harry Potter, One Piece or The Lord of the Rings include the most popular French books. Great !

To know the rest of the ranking, you will therefore have to watch France 2 on December 15. Many guests like Camille Lellouche or Gérard Lanvin will come to liven up the evening.

This will also be an opportunity for latecomers to get gift ideas for Christmas. between the toysbooks or other cultural products, there is plenty to do!