CINEMA: One Piece Film RED, a release date in France and an astonishing transformation for a known character unveiled

On August 6, the inhabitants of the Archipelago will be able to discover in theaters One Piece Film REDthe new feature film of the license whose plot will feature a certain Utadescribed as the daughter of Red Shanks. We were able to discover this during the broadcast of a teaser trailer in April, the only one to date. Inevitably, fans around the world are only waiting for one thing, to know if they will be able to enjoy it at the cinema and especially on what date. Well, we already have the answer concerning France and it has something to please.

It is through a press release that we learn that One Piece Film RED will be distributed in France by Pathé Filmsso at least in theaters Pathe GaumontAnd this just a few days after Japan, since its release date is set for August 10 !

Luffy and his crew are about to attend an eagerly awaited music festival. The most popular singer in the world, Uta, will take the stage for the first time. The one who is none other than the daughter of the legendary pirate Shanks Le Roux will reveal the exceptional power of her voice which could well change the world…

In addition to this very good news, the account Twitter Japanese revealed earlier this week a new character with a yet familiar look, taken over by Toei-Animation in stride. Her name ? Sunny-kunwhich is nothing but a transformation of the Thousand Sunnythe current crew ship of Luffy ! Inevitably, speculation is rife and our heroes will undoubtedly be confronted with an antagonist capable of bringing inanimate beings to life (unless it isUta ?) since we are far from an appearance of Klabautermann. What is certain is that chopper has competition! Uta when she was a child was also entitled to her pencil illustrations by Eiichirō Oda.

One Piece Movie RED artwork Sunny kun 20 05 2022 One Piece Movie RED artwork Uta child 20 05 2022

The current 101 volumes of One Piece published in France are on sale at the Fnac at the price of €6.90 each.

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