CINEMA: One Piece Film RED unveils its first scenes and Shanks’ daughter, Uta, in a 2nd teaser!

The global phenomenon One Piece is not about to fade and even less to calm down on the networks, the slightest concerning manga or anime quickly becoming a trend. To wait for chapter 1047, fans have something to do this Wednesday with news from One Piece Film REDthe next feature film which will involve Red Shanks. His announcement was accompanied by a teaser showing no scene, just a artwork of a new female character, who has since been entitled to a poster, to be seen on the next page with those of the crew of Luffy revealed in recent days. We now know her name and especially the role she will play in this untold story, which will be far from trivial.

A second teaser trailer just released by Toei and has something to excite aficionados of the work of Eiichirō Oda. Indeed, we learn that this young woman called Uta and described as the greatest singer in the world of One Piece is none other than the daughter of Shanks ! Among these first extracts, we find Koby and Hermep visibly taking part in one of his concerts, no doubt undercover since the latter holds a Den Den MushiI’Chief Admiral Akainu still so angry, Law and Bepo (obviously a big fan ofUta), but also Bartolomeoone of the captains of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

The scene where Uta is a child tells us that at least one flashback of this period is planned, with a Shanks declaring that she will always be his beloved daughter even if he is far away to sail on the waves, but also that peace and equality do not exist… And concerning Luffy, he will act as usual when he learns that his mentor’s daughter is behaving badly. Is Gordonthe new character revealed in the process and visible in the video, has something to do with it? No doubt, but we will have to see more for the pieces of the puzzle to begin to fit together.

One Piece Movie RED artwork Shanks 13 04 2022 One Piece Movie RED artwork Gordon 13 04 2022

The release date of One Piece Film RED is set for August 6, 2022 in the cinemas of the Archipelago, let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long to discover it here. Also, if you missed the ad, the actor who will play Shanks in the series live action One Piece was recently unveiled. On the video game side, you can buy One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 to €19.99 on Amazonwaiting for the role-playing game planned for this year.

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