Create a realistic version of Crocodile from One Piece and it’s just amazing

One Piece has every reason to have risen as the most successful manga of all time. More than two decades supporting its fans from day one, plus an immense crowd of followers that have been uniting over the years, has made the pirate gang led by Monkey D. Luffy have one of the most darlings from all over the manga and anime scene. It is for this reason that we can often find a multitude of fan arts, whether they are the most striking tattoos or, also, drawings of the most attractive.

In fact, many will remember the first story arcs and one of Luffy’s most epic rivals. Of course, we talk about Crocodile, one of the most charismatic enemies that have appeared in the history of One Piece. Such is his popularity that he is usually a character highly chosen by artists to be the subject of magnificent drawings. In fact, as we can see below, reddit user artofsvprast He has made a most curious and realistic portrait of Crocodile with a very attractive painting technique. Of course, the user affirms that it is a sketch, so, probably, the final result of the Crocodile portrait ends up being even more impressive.

Of course, the length of One Piece as a manga and anime has allowed them to appear multitude of protagonists and villains of the most charismatic and interesting. Of course, there is no doubt that Crocodile is one of them all, although, being one of the first great villains, many fans have a special predilection for him. Now we have already exceeded 1000 episodes in his anime and, facing the final stretch of the history of our pirates, It only remains to find out what will happen in its outcome.