Culture – One Piece, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer … The manga phenomenon takes hold of the Creuse

Violence, vulgarity, somberness, some wonder if reading the manga has any meaning. If it is from right to left, it is also cultural. The time of a tome, Johan travels. Here, cherry blossoms, there, a bowl of ramen, further on, a samurai duel. Between the shelves of the Grand Guéret library, the Creusois is in Japanese lands. Only 15 years old and already full of dreams. “Later, I would like to go to Japan because I like this culture very much. I hope it’s as good as in manga … “

A success with young and old alike

Like the teenager, many young people fell into the pot of manga when they were little. Here, the druids are Japanese. But their recipes have nothing to envy their comic strip counterparts. “There are great classics like Naruto and One Piece but also deeper stories like that of Death Note. It’s a bit like movies, there is something for everyone, ”explains Grégory. He is 41 years old. He is a child of Club Dorothée. Remi without family ? No rather Dragon Ball.

“I have clearly seen a revolution and I still bathe in it like many members of my generation. “

Gregory (Forty-year-old manga fan)

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Today, the forty-something likes to convert his relatives, even the most resistant. “I manage to make manga like even friends who are not always the target of stories. It shows that it’s really something that can affect everyone. “

One in two comics sold in France is a manga: a look back at the reasons for a success that will last

To fully take into account this craze around manga, it is sometimes enough to scrutinize Twitter at the end of the week, when, in particular, the chapter of One Piece is published. The result ? Millions of tweets around the world, sometimes to mention the brief appearance of a character. Victor is one of those enthusiasts. He is faithful to his soap opera. “Every week, I read the chapter on the internet and then I go to Twitter to discuss it, do photo montages and analyzes. It has become a real ritual. “

“Scans” for the pleasure of the library

This ritual takes the form of “scans”. These are chapters scanned every week in a Japanese magazine and then distributed on the internet, more or less legally. On this last aspect, there is no doubt about the Grand Guéret library. Reading is authorized, even recommended. To do this, the cultural establishment adapts to the phenomenon of the moment.

“Today, it is essential to have a manga department to attract young people, keep them or bring them back. I am convinced that there is no such thing as a good or a bad culture. It is already very good to take the step of reading. “

Marie-Pierre Marc (Deputy director of the Grand Guéret library)

And the multiple packed shelves attest to a recent explosion of the genre. Some organization is required. “We always try to have the latest books coming out every three months. Readers pay close attention to this. “

The Grand Guéret library allows you to discover well-known and little-known titles.
Out of confinement, young readers rushed to these black and white comics. Why ? Marie-Pierre Marc has her own idea. “A lot of people got interested in manga on platforms like Netflix. There is only to take the example of The attack of the Titans. Going from the animated to the written has become automatic for some. “

Miyazaki in Aubusson (Creuse): another eight months of work for the weavers

What will also become automatic is to take advantage of this phenomenon to organize events. The Gueretoise library has understood this well. “In the future, we could set up events around the manga. It is not possible to miss such a cultural phenomenon. “

Creuse thus enjoys tasting one of the riches of the Land of the Rising Sun. But it is a gourmet department. Other sweets will be tasted in particular with the works of the International City of Aubusson tapestry inspired by the films of Hayao Mizayaki. The opportunity to say in Japan “Arigato Gozaimasu”. Which simply means “thank you”.

Alix Vermande