Culture – Release of volume 100 of the One Piece manga: a series that has become legendary in twenty-five years

Twenty-five years that early fans have wondered what One Piece will look like. A quarter of a century later, if they still do not have the answer, they remain more than ever faithful to the eponymous manga created by the 46-year-old Japanese cartoonist Eiichiro Oda.

Evidenced by this Wednesday, the long queues before the opening of bookstores to get volume 100 of this now legendary series. Whose story tells that of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate with a straw hat launched with his crew in the quest for a fabulous treasure: the One Piece.

A basic and characteristic synopsis of the shonen – a manga for teenagers – which, over the chapters and volumes, has been able to unite a community of readers around the world.

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490 million copies sold worldwide

Since its launch in Japan in 1997, the manga has sold 490 million copies. Much more than the legendary Dragon Ball, whose sales total 300 million units. In France, more than 28 million books have already been sold. In 2021, the series alone represents 8.5% of the manga market in France.

“One Piece arrived at a time when there were fewer offers,” notes Quentin, associated with the Mummy bookstore in Clermont-Ferrand. It details the recipe for success.

“She has all the codes to walk. There are endearing characters, a story built in an arc that manages to renew itself, and which each time offers different universes. Above all, she grew up with her audience. “

Quentin (Associated with the Momie bookstore in Clermont-Ferrand)

In twenty-five years of existence, with its subtle mix of action and humor, it has become intergenerational. “In the beginning, it was passed on from big brother to little brother. Now it also happens between parents and their children, ”says Quentin.

Volume 100 printed in 250,000 copies

Proof, if one was still needed, that the enthusiasm does not weaken, the Clermont-Ferrand bookseller orders and continues to sell the first volume of the series each month. The latter, which in 2021 exceeded the million copies sold in France, found 250,000 buyers this year alone. “It happens with other series but One Piece will always be on top.”

1638975443 751 Culture Release of volume 100 of the One Piece

250,000 is also the print run of this volume 100, equivalent to that of a Goncourt prize. And which will sell like hot cakes a few days before the end of the year holidays. Especially since its publisher in France, Glénat, has been able to raise the expectations with a collector’s edition and its jacket in imitation leather and gilding.

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“With us, pre-orders were stopped two months ago already”, indicates Quentin, who had to set up a very specific system to avoid any speculation and resale on the internet: “it will be one copy per person and no more” . If nobody yet knows what One Piece is and when the hero Luffy finds it, its publisher Glénat has already found it.

Manga, anime, video games and figurines … If One Piece is spread out on the shelves of bookstores – over more than two meters with this volume 100 -, the universe-series is also consumed in anime (the thousandth episode of the series of animation has been shown with great fanfare in cinemas in recent weeks), but also via countless figurines, which are popular with collectors.

Pierre Peyret