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We have had the opportunity to see Naoki Yoshida in all kinds of presentations; visibly tired or whole as a log, but always with a very positive attitude when it comes to solving all kinds of doubts around Final Fantasy XIV.

Now that the Media Tour dedicated to Endwalker has taken place, we had the opportunity to talk with him again and share space with Ezequiel Segura from 3GB. As always, these kinds of talks always have a time limit, but such a willingness on the part of the boss of Final Fantasy XIV to cover all our doubts, it made us feel very good.

It all started when we started chatting about one of the new jobs: the Sage. We asked him if they could make it friendlier now, because it’s not always easy to get players who want to be healers.

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It was quite a challenge to introduce a new healer in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

I want to mention that we show this new job at the top level and we do not carry that learning process. It is going to be difficult for someone trying it for the first time and I want to make that point clear.‘, said Naoki Yoshida about the sage of FFXIV: Endwalker.

There were many requests for this expansion to bring in a new healer and we wanted to respond to that request. That’s why we added the Sage. It was a challenge thinking about how to bring a new gaming experience with a healer job’.

With this new expansion, we take the roles of the healer and categorize them into cigars or those that use a barrier and thus bring out their individuality. The Scholar appears in that field, but, compared to this, we wanted the Sage to be more technical.‘he added Naoki Yoshida.

And of course, players around the world have said that they not only want to heal, they also want to attack and we try to incorporate that element. We bring this new style of play where healing is associated with attacking. For example, if you have a barrier that you can place and can use it properly, it will accumulate the resources required to unleash some offensive moves.

Technically Naoki Yoshida He told us that the Sage is very technical and feels very different and when you understand it, it becomes a very robust job.

Final Fantasy XIV will go after another ten years, it could be as long as One Piece

At this point in life you already know that Final Fantasy XIV came out in September 2010 and that it did not have the best of releases, however, the time and direction of Naoki Yoshida they have delivered very positive results which are now enjoyed by the players.

However, Naoki Yoshida He said that Final Fantasy XIV is on a path that will take us another ten years and, doing the math, we think that is as long as One Piece and we will comment on that. It was not a question as such, but, he told us that he loves the story of Eiichiro Oda.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

I love One Piece, and now it’s on its way to climax and I’m in the know every week and I can’t die until I see the One Piece finale. And they are such a fan that I could continue talking about the series all day, but, we must continue with the interview’.

The improvements that come with the Trust System

The addition of the Trust System in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers somehow misses the feel of playing an MMO, but it’s also an RPG and that’s a setting that many fans can take advantage of. With Endwalker, the system is greatly improved and will even serve more than one dungeon in the not too distant future.

We greatly improve artificial intelligence. With the Trust System we want it to be used for different elements within the game. Before building it from scratch, we focused on making it applicable for other content by bringing the individuality of each of the NPCs you play with and giving you the impression that these characters are going to battle with you ‘, declared Naoki Yoshida.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Also, at the same time, the designers who planned these contents also helped with the process, for example in some dungeons, they made it so that certain mechanics so that the Trust NPC can shine and that’s how it helped with those elements. ‘

For this improvement, we not only had these dungeons in mind, we made this system can be used by other developers for different content within Final Fantasy XIV‘Yoshida added. Finally, the Trust System has improved a lot and both DPS and tanks perform better in combat.

Is there anything wrong with playing just one MMORPG?

There are people who don’t like to play with other players and I feel like it’s a shame they don’t enjoy Final Fantasy XIV just because they don’t want to play with other players. I think some people have the image or notion that playing an MMO or with other people is scary, that they don’t have a good impression and they don’t see the experience or content that is available to them and it’s a waste to put them aside.‘, said Naoki Yoshida when we asked him why he put so much emphasis on the fact that FFXIV is possible to play solo.

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That is why I can confidently say that it is okay if you decide to play alone, you can still enjoy it, because I come from a perspective where I know that it is fun to play with other people in multiplayer, and it is very enjoyable when you have other people with you. I hope you can see that in the end. ‘

Naoki Yoshida it is very clear when wanting to give the players options, if they want to play with strangers it is fine, the same with their friends or, failing that, alone.

So Final Fantasy XIV is going to last 10 more years… Will it be possible to see it in the cloud?

Finally, the future feels close, we have been with the new consoles for a year now and technology is moving very fast. Even cloud play is handled as something that is really going to happen, but is it in the Final Fantasy XIV landscape?

‘We have some plans in the near future and when the time comes, we’ll be sure to make an announcement on a live stream when we launch the Endwalker expansion in terms of how we’re going to move forward.‘, said Naoki Yoshida.

‘In terms of technological advancements, whether FFXIV will switch to those technologies is another question. I know the topics are Virtual Reality or cloud gaming and those things exist, but I feel like that is still very far in the future. ‘

1634187552 691 De healers One Piece and more This was our talk

For example, with Virtual Reality we still have to make sure that the eyes are completely covered or if not, you will not have that complete experience and I do not think that people want to use a device like that for so long. I believe that technology must advance to a point where the device is so small that it looks like a contact lens and thus replicates the Virtual Reality experience’.

As for the cloud, I feel that the servers that stream the games are not ready yet and on the player’s side, the infrastructure still has to improve. Even when 5G is available, we will need more years for that to happen ‘, ended Naoki Yoshida.

Do not forget that Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker comes out November 23 on PS4, PS5, PC and Mac. Thanks to Square Enix and his PR team for the opportunity to interview Naoki Yoshida.