Demon Slayer, One Piece …: Are manga likely to increase in price in 2022?

News culture Demon Slayer, One Piece …: Are manga likely to increase in price in 2022?

Manga could experience significant inflation next year in France, due to the lack of paper.

Between the successes of Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan, the release of Volume 100 of One Piece and the State which promotes literature with its Pass Culture, manga has had a real sales boom This year. But the year 2022 may be more gloomy for publishers and fans …

Less paper, more tickets

Since the start of the pandemic, publishing houses find themselves impacted, slowly, but impacted. Indeed, the paper needed for printing comics and manga as well as the cardboard used for the covers is more and more difficult to obtain. In fact, publishers are starting to announce it: prices will increase next year.

The first publisher concerned, Panini Manga, which publishes Demon Slayer, is very clear as to the reasons for these increases. It details the increases according to the type of work.

Editor Pika Edition says his increases will only impact six of their heats. However, they argue that the revaluation of prices does not depend on the shortage of paper at home, without giving any other explanation.

For his part, the editor Delcourt would also have published a circular intended for professionals of the bookstore industry, as evidenced by the site, who had access to these documents. Thus, the Star Wars Rebels would drop from € 10.95 to € 11.95, while classic Walking Dead albums would drop from € 13.50 to € 14.95.

All publishers not in the same boat?

Other classic comics and manga publishers have yet to show signs of an increase next year. Kazé, Kurokawa, Ki-oon or Glénat, the famous One Piece editor in France, for example not yet confirmed or denied a price revaluation of their works. However, it would be surprising not to see the competition keep pace with other publishers, given that they all depend on the same raw material. If this is not the case, it will obviously be good for the readers, but it will raise questions about the pricing policy of publishers and about the differences in access to raw materials from each other.

Demon Slayer or Star Wars readers and fans alike, get ready to spend a little more next year, if you want to enjoy your hobby as much as in 2021.

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