Design Zoro from One Piece with a totally different style that you will love

You’ve never seen the most popular swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates looking like this.

One of the most popular anime worldwide is One Piece, this is due to its amazing story arcs, battles, and characters. However, within the plot there is always a character that stands out above the rest, among them: Zoro.

Zoro is a mighty swordsman capable of facing any creature and defeating it, therefore, his fans do not miss an opportunity to honor him. On this occasion one of his followers has taken on the task of illustrate this powerful character, giving it a totally different style that you will love. Go for it!

You’ve never seen the Straw Hat Pirates’ most popular swordsman looking like this.

This illustration reveals Zoro’s great power

Below you can see the work of a One Piece fan on the platform Reddit, who has shared a epic illustration with a appearance different from the official image.

In the image you can see zoro standing and accompanied by their 3 distinguished swords, one in each hand and one on the waist. In addition, he has his particular battle mark on his eye and his three earrings on his left ear.

But that is not all, since the most outstanding thing that this illustration presents are the horns on their heads, which gives it a much more aggressive and dangerous. Of course, you also can’t put aside the layer of skin that he wears, which resembles the ancient vikings.

Finally found the belt, accessory that makes game with cape and horns in a unique way, making it the perfect outfit for any battle.

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If you liked this article and you are a fan of the One Piece saga, don’t hesitate to take a look at the contemporary version of Zoro, or better yet, have you ever wondered what Zoro from One Piece would look like in real life?

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