Despite Three Kings Day, Xonacatlán stuffed animal vendors report 50% less sales

Xonacatlán, Méx.- Doll vendors in the municipality of Xonacatlanknown as the land of teddyhave reflected up to 50% less sales compared to 2019, the pre-pandemic year, despite the fact that the Three Kings Day, They pointed out that there is a significant drop.

Although in Xona, as this demarcation is known, it is possible to find the newest figuresthe Demogorgon from Stranger Things, the characters from Naruto, also from One Piece, Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, Plim Plim, Pokémon, Blue’s Clues, dolls, pigs, pigs, unicorns, the corn pig, all kinds of fruits, vegetables, monkeys and slippers, you can barely see a few families visiting the businesses.

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“The intermediaries who came from Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City and other entities take half or less of what they bought in past years, it is because the economy is low and children no longer want stuffed animals, they want action figures or tablets and cell phones,” lamented one of the vendors.

Just two days after the arrival of the Kings, the stuffed animal merchants recognized that, due to the increase in the price of inputs, they had to increase the price of the dolls, at the same time they face unfair competition that means the sale Chinese doll, which can be offered at a much lower price.

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Some of the workers refer that after a long period of time without work, they barely returned to the workshops and businesses, but they have lost hope of the arrival of intermediaries and buyers, for which they even decided to start selling dolls for the Day of Love and Friendship, especially teddy bears of all sizes that are the best sellers.

Margara does not lose faith in people

Mrs. Margarita, in charge of ASBA stuffed animals, He said that these have been very hard days, but he does not lose faith that people will return, because during the pandemic they were rested for more than three months without salary, or employment, since there were no sales, they hoped to begin a gradual recovery this year, but They have not achieved the figures of two years ago.


“Before the pandemic, people began to arrive in December, since October we had a lot of work, we had to do a lot, produce in the workshops, hire temporary workers, but this year nothing has been seen. In December we sold 50% or less the usual figures and there is a lot of unfair competition,” he said.

Some of the sellers also agreed that there is little money in the homes, the income is not what it was in past years and they fear that some businesses will not survive.

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