Devil Fruits from One Piece vs Quirks from My Hero Academia, which weapon is more powerful?

Devil Fruits from One Piece can be controlled better than Quirks from My Hero Academia.

As is customary in shonen anime, each series has a unique power system that is mostly inspired by other series, although of course, it is still customized for a specific world. In this sense, two of the best-known series in the industry have their own power systems that have classified them as creative and diverse. We are talking about the Devil Fruits from One Piece and the Quirks from My Hero Academia.

While the former are mysterious fruits that give the user a series of abilities linked to the origin of the fruit, the quirks are the result of genetic mutations that have been evolving. Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages, but below we will see which one surpasses the other to a certain extent.

Devil Fruit powers can be chosen


To begin with, it is important to mention that within One Piece there are hundreds of different types of devil fruits that provide a range of possibilities among users. First, They are divided into three categories: Zoan, Logia and Paramecia.. Zoan Fruits give the user the ability to transform into animals, while Logia Fruits help them control their natural environment through their abilities. In fact, Portgas D. Ace consumed the Flame-Flame no Mi that gave him the ability to control flames at will. And, last but not least, the Paramecia fruits are the ones that give unique powers that each individual will develop in a “random” way. For example, this fruit was the one that Luffy ate, the Gum-Gum, which gave the Straw Hat the properties of rubber. So If a character wants to have a specific ability, they just need to research and search for the devil fruit of their choice to receive the power. you want.

On the other hand, we have the My Hero Academia Quirks that, as we said above, are the product of genetics and there have even been very specific cases -such as Eri or Tomura Shigaraki- that are the result of mutations. In this case, user can’t decide which Quirk to get, so he must adapt to the one he was born with, even if it is difficult to use. In fact, not every character was born with a flashy or powerful Quirk. Although there are those who have lived their entire lives as if they did not have it, others also marry another person who has one to inherit it to their offspring.

Quirks can improve with training


Quirks were not the main element that defined the history of My Hero Academia, so there are still many questions about how they work or what their full potential is and how it is developed. During several parts of the series, a traumatic emotional situation that releases a lot of stress is enough to serve as an “awakening” in the individual. This could be a life or death situation. Or, he could also power up his Quirk’s ability and grant him more power than before the event. An example of this was when Himiko Toga’s Quirk evolved to the point of transforming into another person and using it to the fullest.

In case the user is not aware of the levels they can reach, training is a good way to make it grow. Tenya Ida, to mention someone, strengthened her Engine Quirk by removing the old mufflers from her legs. In this way, when the new ones grew, they were more durable and could withstand the effects of her blast for a considerable length of time. Since some are difficult to control, training will serve to limit the drawbacks they bring with them, making their power a better tool in combat.

Quite the contrary of the Quirks, One Piece Devil Fruit users can’t afford to upgrade their powers. And, once they have chosen the power of their choice, they can only keep it for their entire lives. If they try to consume another fruit to gain more abilities, they might die.

Which ones have fewer drawbacks?


Unsurprisingly, most powers have a weakness that makes the user unable to fully master their abilities. So that, Devil Fruit users only have one weakness after consuming it: swimming.. Unfortunately, as this is an adventure series that focuses its stories on the sea, this puts all pirates at a great disadvantage. So if the events of One Piece were to take place in another world, they might not have any disadvantages. However, clashes across oceans require much more strategy to avoid the huge weakness of Devil Fruits. And thanks to this, a user with fire powers could defeat another with magma powers.

Regarding My Hero Academia, the disadvantages that the Quirks bring with them depend on each person. They could even stem from overuse. For example, Shoto Todoroki is between two possible downsides to his half-warm, half-cold Quirk. This if you use the heat too often, it would increase your body temperature to a deadly level; on the contrary, if he abuses the powers of ice he could freeze. And, in the meantime, it would be necessary to thoroughly review what other weaknesses can arise from said abilities. Likewise, Tsuyu Asi’s Frog Quirk hibernates an amphibian or reptile if it detects a minimum temperature. Each individual, with proper training, could overcome many of his weaknesses or handle them properly, but the problems will persist until he is fully mastered.

In short, both One Piece Devil Fruits and My Hero Academia Quirks have a lot of power, if you compare them, Devil Fruits may be more attractive to users since, although they only have a single power and cannot improve it, like the Quirks, they have fewer inconveniences when using them.