DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: the complete One Piece, the return of 86 Eighty-Six and the distressing Mieruko-Chan on the program!

This week, we are talking about piracy, mecha warfare and ghosts in our 3 animated recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms!



There was a time when Gold D. Roger was the greatest of all pirates, the “Pirate King” was his nickname. When he died, his priceless treasure known as “One Piece” was hidden somewhere on “Grand Line”.

Many pirates went in search of this treasure, but all died before they even reached it. Monkey D. Luffy dreams of finding this legendary treasure and becoming the new “King of the Pirates”. After eating a devil fruit, he possesses a power that allows him to make his dream come true. He must now find a crew to go on an adventure!

For those who have not yet seen One Piece, it is high time to discover this river series containing nearly 1000 episodes because it is now available in its entirety on DNA! The work created by Eiichirō Oda is a monument of Japanese culture, which has been exported beyond the country’s borders to conquer the world.

If you haven’t yet given in to the adventures of these colorful pirates, go for DNA! Note that a live adaptation is in the works for Netflix. But until then, you’ve got time to (re) do the entire anime!


When the neighboring Empire of Giad sends drone attacks on the Republic of San, these inhabitants are forced to fight. Magnolia then develops its own combat drones, piloted by the inhabitants of a secret district considered as cattle: the 86.

Determined to accomplish his mission, Shin, squadron captain, continues to engage in these suicide operations. That’s when Lena arrives, a new officer at odds with the Republic. Despite their opposing vision, Shin and Lena have no choice but to ally …

Winner of the 23rd edition of the Dengeki novel Grand Prix, 86 Eighty-Six is ​​the adaptation of a light novel. Popularized by its award in the literary competition, the work quickly became available in manga, then in animation.

Anchored in a dystopian future where drones and other mechs mingle, we could have imagined that the atmosphere of the series would be a little heavy. It is not so ! On the contrary, despite a significant flow of information, the story is so well done that even the most reluctant to science fiction will be convinced.

With a sustained pace, the story oscillates between action and psychological drama, all carried by quality animation. And after a first round of acclaimed episodes, 86 Eighty-Six has just started broadcasting its season 2!


If you were ever suddenly able to see monstrous beings that shouldn’t exist, what would you do? And if these things came to speak to you, how would you react? Miko Yotsuya, a young high school student, made her choice… That of ignoring them royally!

To act as if nothing had happened: such is his philosophy! This teenager goes out of her way to avoid these monstrosities. Thanks to her steel mind and her ability to feign ignorance, she tries to lead a normal life.

Tasty mix of genres, Mieruko-chan had enough to arouse excitement at the announcement of its animated adaptation! At the crossroads between horror comedy and dramatic “school life”, the series tackles the paranormal theme with originality and lightness.

Carried by an original, squeaky heroine with whom it is easy to identify, one can only be curious about her story! Note however that in addition to sometimes frightening spirits, some ecchi scenes are not suitable for a young audience.