Do all Zoan Mythic Fruits come from God Valley?

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This year in One Piece, it was revealed that Luffy’s Devil Fruit was not the Paramecia-type Gomu Gomu no Mi, but rather the Zoan-type Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. It was already a huge twist, but it was even bigger knowing that this zoan-type Devil Fruit was of the mythical variety.

When it comes to Devil Fruits, none are rarer than Mythical Zoans, which grant their consumers the powers of a mythical creature or being. They are some of the strongest Devil Fruits in the franchise, and many of the show’s strongest characters have eaten them, including Kaido and Marco, as well as the aforementioned Monkey D. Luffy. Since their introduction, they have become much more important to the plot, especially during Wano, but unfortunately they are still as mysterious as they are difficult to acquire.

What are Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits?

Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits are a unique sub-branch of the standard Zoan type. Zoan Devil Fruits are the most common in One Piece, and grant those who eat them the ability to transform into any animal or creature matching the specific fruit they ate, as well as a hybrid form. of the species they are and of this creature. With enough practice and understanding, Zoan users can even unlock or create new forms outside of the two standard forms they usually have, as shown by Tony Chopper since his introduction. The Gorosei have also stated that the Zoan Devil Fruits, unlike the Logia and Paramecia, have a will of their own tied to the abilities of the beast or being the fruit bestows, which makes the standard designs special.

Zoan Devil Fruits, in particular, are said to be great for martial fighters, as they always enhance the physical abilities of the eater in some way. This is why most of the physically strongest characters in One Piece, like Kaido and Rob Lucci, have Zoan powers. They were already strong without them, but their natural abilities were further enhanced. While most Zoan Devil Fruits grant those who eat them the powers of “normal” creatures, such as elephants and leopards, there are also rarer and more powerful sub-branches. The most common are ancient zoans which, although much more elusive than standard models, are much stronger and grant those who eat them the powers of prehistoric creatures, such as dinosaurs and mammoths. The vast majority of those who have eaten this type of Devil Fruit belong to the Beasts Pirates, led by none other than Kaido.

Speaking of the Yonko, Kaido’s Devil Fruit is also a Zoan, more specifically of the mythical branch. Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits are the rarest in all of One Piece, even more so than logias, and grant those who eat them powers that go far beyond mere transformation into an animal. Creatures and supernatural beings almost always have special powers, these are also granted to mythical zoan eaters. Marco the Phoenix, for example, doesn’t just turn into a bird, but into a bird made of pure blue fire. While the flames of this form do not burn people, they do have healing properties, much like those of the phoenix on which her powers are based. In terms of potency and versatility, Mythic Zoans are perhaps stronger than any other type of Devil Fruit, even Logias.

What is God Valley?

Monkey D Garp

God Valley is a place in the world of One Piece that has seemingly been erased from history. This is the site of an event commonly referred to as the “God Valley Incident”, but the fans of the series and the characters of this world do not know more. Since this event, most of the island’s history has been erased and even removed from all maps. According to conversations between vice admirals, 38 years before the events of the manga/anime, the World Nobles and their slaves were on this island for unknown reasons. There, the Celestial Dragons were apparently attacked by the Rock Pirates, a crew of true legends. A battle ensued, during which Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger had to team up to take down crew captain Rocks D. Xebec..

Other than that, almost nothing is known about the island, though it was this conflict that earned Garp the title “Hero of the Marines.” Some characters claim that due to the fact that Xebec was so close to realizing its dream of world domination in this battle, the world government, in an effort to avoid any sign of weakness, did everything possible to erase or conceal any information about this incident that was not in his favor, even the incident itself. Because of this, the reason for the Celestial Dragons’ presence remains a mystery, as does whether the Rock Pirates had any other reason to be there than to attack them.

How are mythical zoans related to God Valley?

Rock of Xebec

God Valley is said to be the home of the Mythical Zoans and Xebec’s main reason for being here is to find Luffy’s Devil Fruit, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

The greatest evidence for the truth of this theory is that most mythical zoan users have some connection to the God Valley incident, even if only indirectly. Kaido was a member of the Rocks Pirates, and according to a flashback, he received his Devil Fruit from Big Mom during the conflict. Marco was not present, but his late captain Whitebeard was, also as a member of the Rocks Pirates. Considering Marco was shown to be quite young and having his powers by the time Oden joined his crew, it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine Whitebeard getting his fruit from the island. This could also explain how the island received the name “God Valley”, as it is believed to be the origin of all mythical zoans, including those with the powers of actual gods.

According to the Gorosei, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika is something of a nemesis to the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. Since one of its former users was recently confirmed to be Joyboy, it’s only fitting that those who eat this Devil Fruit tend to become enemies of it. Considering that the ultimate goal of Xebec was to overthrow and eradicate the Celestial Dragons to take over the worldas they themselves are supposed to have done 800 years before, his hunt for the Devil Fruit Nika makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, given how little is known about the island or the incident, it is impossible to know at this time how true this theory is. The reveal of Luffy’s Devil Fruit and the God Valley incident itself only happened during the “Wano” arc, which leaves very little time for the story to provide any more context, though. that when she does, a new layer of information is always added, such as Kaido’s Devil Fruit reveal. Only time will tell if this theory turns out to be correct, but given that One Piece is supposed to reach its conclusion in the relatively near futurethe wait won’t be much longer – probably.