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We’ve all been through this: you start to watch One Piece, you watch the first chapters, you advance until Luffy enters the Grand Line… And then you see that in front of you there are more than 900 more chapters to watch. For anyone this is discouraging, but don’t worry, little grasshopper; do not abandon this ship, because this trip it is true that it gets good as it progresses.

First it is necessary to make clear how overwhelming is the history of One Piece, especially if you want to watch anime. Considering its extension, 985 chapters At the time of publication of this text, it would take you 377 hours of your life to catch up if you start right now. That is, if you saw a daily chapter it would take you almost three years to complete it.

From this moment, the recommendation, if what you want is to go fast, is that you do it through the One Pace, a project that reduces display time by removing padding, or directly read the manga. But let’s go back to the same point: One Piece It gets a lot better, so enter the Grand Line and the Gol D. Roger scavenger hunt without any fear.

One Piece started Luffy’s journey with the East Blue bow | Source: Toei Animation

What makes One Piece great

Talk about One Piece is talking about characters the characters of One Piece, those with great powers, colorful enemies, exciting fights, pirates, robberies, assault, drinks, food and treasures; but since then and until now, Eiichiro Oda writes his manga far beyond simply this.

Like an iceberg, the tip of One Piece is all this, all that may interest from a child as young as 5 years looking for cartoons, even the most intense anime and manga fan who has already read everything Naoki Urasawa and all Shinichiro Watanabe was seen.

The first underground level of this iceberg is found in the Grand Line, an intense and complex sea that hides all the secrets of the world. In it a small sample of the world that all of us live is reproduced; an organized place where savagery and violence are the bargaining chip. Between pirates the only way to exchange is simply to tear the other to pieces.

The Grand Line is a simulation of a real world in which tragedies are chained by the magnetic fields of each island, in which you cannot do anything but move forward, because going back means getting lost. This hostile and unforgivable environment arises among pirates who learned to seclude themselves and become the zombies of a dream that Gol D. Roger woke up.

In the early days of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda configured his work to challenge all the time to the construction of his world. The way the Grand Line, the Navy and all the pirate groups work, are contradicted by Luffy, a boy who wants to be the King of the Pirates simply because … well because. Luffy doesn’t really have a motive, he just sees pirates as a way to travel and emulate Shanks, his hero and role model.

This same construction of protagonist was the one that Akira Toriyama brought when he introduced us to Goku, an alien child, oblivious to human morality, who contradicts all his peers by not understanding his perversions as perversions, or his virtues as virtues.

Goku manages to climb the flying cloud not because he is “pure” but because he does not understand the concept of evil | Source: Shonen Jump

Eiichiro Oda in Luffy found the balance that many works have failed to find, because at the same time he achieves a simple story, in which fights and powers shine, the world that revolves around Luffy; the crew of the Going Merry or the Thousand Sunny it’s completely different from them and that’s why fights happen.

In addition, Luffy has the characteristic of being an axis and a common thread, which does not obscure any of his companions at any time (cof cof Naruto cof cof Goku cof cof)Instead, it encourages them and allows them to tell their stories, their motivations, and explain how the ocean itself has led them to be who they are.

The subtlety of Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda is a mangaka extremely intelligent and I do not mean it as a cliché, but as a compliment that, keeping his distance, puts him on a level that could well be next to Inio Asano (Oyasumi Punpun, Soranin, Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae) o de Kentaro Miura (Berserk).

Oda’s formula is simple but no less complex, structured and, above all, interesting. For him the most important thing is the character and he is not afraid to create a whole arc to explain the implications of a single character, such as the more than 100 chapters dealing with Princess Vivi and Arabasta (there are not many details anywhere in this text to avoid spoilers, an apology in advance, dear reader).

His writing, at the same time, is based and rests all the time on the complexity of his world, which extends and projects without leaving you even a single break, since every detail that appears can return at any time to be an important part of the development. future.

And this is especially important, because as we speak, the next level of the iceberg is the Grand Line, but the one that follows is even more intense: the political relations of a violent world. It will be impossible to uncouple One Piece of Eiichiro Oda’s political interpretations, because as we already said, these exist in their own nature in this world, but they are criticized through Luffy and the straw hats.

These are not only concrete but are clearly contextual. In One Piece even the good ones are badBut those bad guys who raise the shadow of evil above those who cannot defend themselves are the ones who have to fall. Luffy and the Straw Hats, in their search for the treasure of Gol D. Roger get their hands dirty to cleanse the pirates of the pirates and it is not a simple moralistic device that is raised with a sentimental and dogmatic speech, but it is shown honest about your own biases.

Eiichiro Oda is one of the longevity mangakas in the industry | Source: Shueisha

History belongs to those who write it and in One Piece It will be written by the one who dominates this violent world with the most effective display of violence, but those who have prostrated their strength to use others have no right to triumph or to raise their voices.

Here we always have villains who embody personalities of the most conservative right in the world, either from the one that sought to dominate the world more than 70 years ago, the one that during the 90s sought to preserve a the status quo in disuse, or the one that right now continues to seek to restrict the life and dreams of those around Luffy, who are none other than the same readers of Eiichiro Oda.

So when does One Piece get good?

If we talk about anime, the arc of Alabasta gets good heading at the end and the same with all the others. It is a heavy anime to watch due to its length and its adaptation full of filler, typical of the old way of producing anime, something that Eiichiro Oda cannot escape having started this work at the end of the 21st century.

If we talk about One Piece as a story, it picks up pace then later. We hardly understand and know the stories of Nami and Zoro, Eiichiro Oda begins to tie us with that subtle and funny way of counting things, building a world that is easily as vast as that of Berserk and with subtexts that are almost as rich as Shuho Sato’s.

To enjoy One Piece You simply have to read it or see it and move forward little by little through this world (no matter how many chapters it has One Piece) before you catch up and end up desperate to wait for a new chapter every week.


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