Dororo Re:Verse, the ‘remake’ of the classic, is officially launched and will arrive in Europe

Dororo Re:Verse is a new vision of Tezuka Production’s work that takes Hyakkimaru to the modern era.

More than 7 months have passed since it was surprisingly announced that “Dororo”, the classic by Tezuka Production, would have a remake that would catapult the main story to present times. And indeed, now it is finally something official, real and totally available under the name of “Dororo Re:Verse“Internationally, things are not very well prepared today, but first of all I can tell you a few things about work.

Dororo Re:Verse Manga Officially Launches in Japan and Korea

Before starting, I leave you with an image of it so you can see what is the cover from “Dororo Re:Verse”:

And now yes, if this new vision called “Dororo Re:Verse” calls you, write down the following (via ANN):

  • Dororo Re:Verse is about a Proyect of Tezuka Production produced in both Japanese and Korean. 👍
  • Currently, it can only be read through the Piccoma website in Japan or the kakaopage platform in Korea. 🤙
  • Right now there are 21 chapters released of this mangaand once your publication is finished, it will be ready to be seen released internationally in USA, China and Europe. 😁
  • whatWhat characterizes and difference to this Dororo compared to the classic? Well, the following details:
    • First of all, it must be said that Hyakkimaru is still the protagonistand it is that his immortality makes him continue hunting demons in the modern era in order to recover parts of himself that he still lacks.
    • In this case, the enemies have become demons conspiring with criminals to be able to use the ‘new magic’ of the age: The science.
    • Your travel companion in this case is Rorowho looks very similar to the one who accompanied him in the original manga.

Honestly, I find the idea of ​​bringing “Dororo” to the present era interesting, especially seeing that so many demon-hunting stories like “Chainsaw Man” or “Jujutsu Kaisen” have become some of the biggest hits in recent years. . The big question I have is whether at some point “Dororo: ReVerse” will have an anime, but if so, I’ll give it a chance.