Dragon Ball: an artist unites Vegeta Ultra Ego and Luffy Gear 5 from One Piece and it’s spectacular

The battle between these two titans would be awesome.

The world of anime and manga tends to show us in some of its genres protagonists who get a power up that takes the form of different power-ups that are integrated into the world of the work itself, with multiple examples that we can mention such as Naruto, Kimetsu No Yaiba, Attack on Titans, among many others.

Now, in this news I am going to focus in particular on two of the most popular manga and anime in historythese being Dragon Ball and One Piece, in which it has been seen that their characters can obtain transformations that increase your strengthbeing the most characteristic of Dragon Ball the Super Saiyan, or power unlocks of the one piece devil fruits.

Vegeta and Luffy face off with their most powerful transformations in this fanart


Goku and Luffy are the great protagonists of Dragon Ball and One Piece respectively

Under this premise, we must focus in this case on two characters from these works, being the representative of Dragon Ball Vegeta, prince of the saiyans, co-star of the series and one of Toyotaro’s favorite characters, while in the case of One Piece we are going to have Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hats crew.

Thus, it must be taken into account that currently both characters have their strongest transformations never seen, being so Luffy has unlocked his Gear Fifthwhose origin has already been explained, while Vegeta has the ultra egothis being a technique with which he could even be defeated by an enemy from the original Dragon Ball series.

Having said all of the above, it should be noted that the artist 2FreshTTV has shared a post on Reddit with a drawing in which you can see Luffy and Vegeta fighting with the aforementioned transformations, thereby giving rise to what could be one of the most spectacular battles in anime history:

We will have to see if at some point it will be done again a crossover between Dragon Ball and One Piecealthough that is something that we will see one day if Toei Animation wants it that way.