Dragon Ball and One Piece make Toei earn even more money than they expected

The two franchises have generated more money than the Japanese company anticipated, much to its delight.

In Toei they live riding on the dollar today, and there should be few better sensations for a company than having to change its economic projections for the ‘simple’ reason that you will earn more money than you expected. This is what has caused so much “One Piece Film Red” What “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“They have left a good fortune in the cinema, and this is how the Japanese company has publicly expressed it.

Toei readjusts its budgets due to the success of One Piece Film Red and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Has been the ann team the one that has collected the information shared by Toei itself, which in essence is the following:

  • On a quarterly basis, They have gone from having projected 247 million dollars generated to 285 million in this second trimester. Likewise, at an annual level they have made an equivalent increase: from 470 million dollars to 510 million. ❗
  • Indeed, the increase is concentrated in the second quarter because it is the one that has hosted the theatrical releases of One Piece Film Red and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Of course, we must not forget that most of the international premieres of the first start from November. ✔️
  • It must be said that Toei ensures that in general more merchandising, games and others have also been sold for One Piece and Dragon Ball than they expected. of course that They won’t say it because of the overwhelming success of Dragon Ball: The Breakers. ✔️

It is clear that although “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” was far from a blockbuster in Japan, its international performance ended up more than compensating. Likewise, “One Piece Film Red” is already a historic success at the domestic box office, and depending on how things go in the West, Toei may have to make one more reckoning. In any case, the reality is that both franchises are two winning horses that ALWAYS give results to Toei.

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