Dragon Ball included a One Piece easter egg in one of its movies that no one noticed

The connection between Krillin and Luffy is quite shocking.

One Piece and Dragon Ball are two of the franchises Japan’s most importantthereby allowing us to see how these extend beyond anime and manga even with video game and movie appearancesbeing in fact One Piece Film RED the most recent that the cinema has been released and that even has confirmed a theory about devil fruits.

Under this same premise, it must be said that Dragon Ball has also released several tapes in theaters during the last decade, thus giving rise to the fact that we have been able to see great moments in them. However, there is a detail of Frieza’s Resurrection that unites the worlds of One Piece and Dragon Ball. And all this is due to the connection that the characters of Krillin and Luffy have.

Krillin from Dragon Ball and Luffy from One Piece share the same voice actress


Goku and Luffy are the great protagonists of Dragon Ball and One Piece respectively

Something usual in the different animes is that there are voice actors appearing in more than one play, being that Dragon Ball and One Piece share a few. However, none is as relevant as that of luffy and krillinsince both characters share the same voice actress, which means that, for obvious reasons, both Toei Animation licenses have this connection, although in Dragon Ball The Resurrection of F went further:

As you can see in the previous video, at a certain point in the film you can see how Krillin receives a call from Bulma, even though she is informing him of Frieza’s return. So far everything would be normal, but to this is added the fact that the Krillin’s ringtone is We Are, the mythical opening of One Piece that may be the best known of the series, to the point that it sounded in the 1,000th chapter during its broadcast. That is how both franchises come togetherKrillin being the ideal character for it in view of the circumstances of his voice actress.

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