Dragon Ball Super: 3 Reasons Why Vegeta Should Kill Frieza

Dragon Ball Super” he is telling us in his sleeve a cartoon that basically acts as a prequel to everything we saw in “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“. This means, therefore, that at the end of everything there is still the threat of Black Freeza. Taking into account that the events of Super Hero take place (according to Akira Toriyama) just before the final chapter of Z, one can argue that the battle against Frieza would be the final event of the saga. And I wonder, will it be Vegeta’s time?

Why Vegeta should be the one to kill Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

Indeed, this is a question that I have asked myself on several occasions in recent times, because the truth is that Vegeta has never had a great victory like Goku’s against Frieza or Buu.. And in fact, I think that against Black Freeza it would be a way of settling scores that MUST come.

Frieza finished off everything that Vegeta had to end up ruling

  • Frieza quickly rose as the greatest tyrant of Universe 7. Faced with the reality that he was a prodigy within his own race, which is why his father quickly gave him control of the army.
  • Among many of his victims, Frieza enslaved the Saiyansturning them into simple muscle and destroying them almost completely at the moment he saw it necessary.
  • Even after the destruction of the Saiyans, Vegeta continued under Frieza’s orders.. The Prince of the Saiyans was thus someone completely humiliated and devoid of a future of greatness that should be his. As if that wasn’t enough, he died at the hands of Frieza himself on Namek.
Vegeta, with the ghost of Frieza always at his back

A life of sins that requires final redemption

  • Although Vegeta first appeared as a ruthless Saiyan who was not afraid to even kill his own comrades, everything changed once he began to relate more to Goku… to the point of having his own family on earth.
  • Throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, it has been possible to see how Vegeta was consumed by many of his sins during his most fearsome Saiyan days. A time full of atrocities that on many occasions occurred at the orders of Frieza.
  • Frieza is a living proof of Vegeta from the past; of that chained warrior who spilled the blood of innocents without thinking twice. Vegeta has made a lot of progress assimilating all of the Saiyan history and his own actions, but until Frieza fully disappears it seems to be a chapter in his life that can never be closed.
majin vegeta
Majin Vegeta is one of the redemption phases of whoever started as a villain

A victory that really allows him to look Goku in the eye

  • In Dragon Ball, Goku doesn’t always win, but he does on quite a few occasions. In Dragon Ball Z we have a more iconic the battles against Frieza himself and Buu, a few moments of glory that Vegeta has either never tastedor has done it in the background.
  • The fact that Vegeta finished off Frieza in Dragon Ball Super would be a catharsis for everything I have mentioned, but also because he would have just settle him in that role of co-star of Dragon Ball that the current manga seems to have wanted to give him together with Son Goku.
goku frieza dragon ball
Goku has epic victories that Vegeta has never even touched

As a Vegeta fan that I am, I always want the character to shine, but In the case of the ‘rivalry’ with Frieza, I truly believe that giving him a final victory is what would make the most narrative sense.. In the end, there were already many people who felt that it was something that should have happened during the Resurrection of Frieza movie, so the future conflict with Black Frieza seems to me the right moment to really materialize this situation.

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